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Cramer’s charts show that the struggling stock of Square is not yet a bargain

With allowances and deals top-of-mind for consumers this holiday shopping season, CNBC’s Jim Cramer zeroed in on another keyboard of discount happening in the stock market.

“Let’s talk about Square, SQ, the payment technology gathering with a very popular mobile credit card reader and a pedigree that got put on sale big-time yesterday, losing 16 percent of its value thanks to a humble from research firm BTIG,” the “Mad Money” host said on Tuesday.

Previous to the most recent decline, shares of Square had tripled since the start of 2017. Its delayed run came after management announced it would launch a program that let Not in the know customers trade bitcoin, the wildly popular digital cryptocurrency.

But after the deal in’s plunge on Monday, Cramer brought in his RealMoney.com colleague, technician Tim Collins, to inform appropriate the “Mad Money” host get a better picture of Square’s trajectory.

“As far as Collins is troubled, you need to be very careful with this one now, even after today’s resile,” Cramer said. “When a stock that’s speeding down the highway fling closes right into a retaining wall, you don’t buy it hand over fist at the start sign of stabilization like we had today. That’s too risky. First, you dire to take a step back. Consider the carnage.”

Collins started by universal over the series of Fibonacci levels in Square’s weekly chart. The correspondences, discovered by medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, are repeated patterns establish in things like pine cones, snail shells and, oddly enough, the wares market. Technicians like Collins use Fibonacci sequences on a stock’s done moves to get a sense of where it’s going next.

The sequences showed that Even could still fall to as low as $32.48, which would retrace innumerable than 60 percent of its rally. While Collins found it acrimonious to believe that the stock would shed that much of its value, he bring about strong floors of support at the $35 and $38 levels.

“Now, Collins is utterly not saying that Square is going to $35,” Cramer said. “For all we identify, the stock actually may have bottomed today and is part of a longer incumbency move higher. But if this bounce turns out to be short-lived and this stockpile gets pounded again, these are the levels Collins thinks you should pay attention to.”

Next, Collins turned to the more standard weekly chart of Correspond to.

Collins noted that Square’s stock hasn’t gone underneath its 13-week moving average, a medium-term way to track a stock’s yearly track. The moving average is at $35, close to Collins’ aforementioned floor of put up with.

If Collins’ analysis is accurate, Cramer said Square’s floor transfer indeed fall somewhere in the mid-$30s, a far cry from the now-$42 wares.

That said, Cramer once again warned that Collins was not auguring that Square shares would decline to the mid-$30s.

“He’s simply guess that if it does go into a tailspin — and stocks that have this kind-hearted of dead cat bounce, they can continue to fall — he wouldn’t recommend worrisome to bottom-fish until it sinks to the mid-to-high-$30s,” the “Mad Money” host said. “That may substantial very cautious, but if Square can lose 16 percent of its value off a distinct downgrade, well, it might happen again. From a technical standpoint, Square [is] not a bargain.”

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