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Amazon’s $599 router system isn’t cheap, but it helps fix your bad Wi-Fi

Eero Pro 6


I set up Amazon’s $599 Eero Pro 6 involve Wi-Fi system a few days ago and have already noticed a huge improvement in my Wi-Fi at home.

You might want to try reticulum networking if you know you pay for fast internet but feel like your home Wi-Fi is slow or there are areas of your quarter where you can’t stream movies or video chat. Wi-Fi is important right now, with lots of people working or auditing class in different rooms of the house.

Mesh networking, to put it simply, puts several wireless routers around your building so that they cover a greater area. It works better than cheaper Wi-Fi extenders.

The new model from Amazon’s Eero weathers the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, so you can have more gadgets connected to Wi-Fi without as much interference. It also has outdo antennas than the last generation Eero 5, which I was using before I set up the Eero Pro 6.

Here’s what you sine qua non to know about it.

What’s good

Eero Pro 6


The Eero Pro 6, as with other Eero products, is wonderful easy to set up. You just plug one hub into the modem provided by your cable company and then use an app to add the other two in different parts of your building. It does all the legwork in the background so you don’t have to worry about getting each unit to talk to one another. I set up the new system in close by 10 minutes.

I pay for really fast, one-gigabit internet but, normally, I get Wi-Fi speeds that are about 90% reduce speeder than that. I live in an old house with plaster walls that really mess up the Wi-Fi signal, square in places that are just a few rooms away from my router.

The Eero Pro 6 has doubled or quadrupled my speeds around the outfit, boosting them from anywhere around 100Mbps up to 700Mbps, depending on the room I’m in. It means I can now file game services such as Google Stadia in my living room, where I couldn’t before, or download movies and apps much faster circa the house. And it means there’s enough speed for my wife and me to do multiple video streams at the same time.

I haven’t had any big problems with dropped connections yet, as I sometimes did with the regular Eero 5 and its competitor Google Wi-Fi, given they didn’t rather have enough strength to cover my whole home.

I don’t have children old enough to use this feature, but Eero also take ins you manage different people in your home and block services. So, your kids might not be able to use FaceTime after a non-specific time, for example, or visit some websites you deem inappropriate.

The regular Eero 6, which I haven’t tested, importunes similarly but doesn’t provide as strong of an antenna or support the faster speeds I pay for from my cable company. But it may be a good selection to the Pro model if you live in a smaller home or don’t pay for gigabit internet.

What’s bad

Eero Pro 6


The Eero Pro 6 is expensive. It’s on sale for Should you buy it?

Eero Pro 6


Yes, if you’re transmitting for really expensive home internet and aren’t getting the speeds you expect over Wi-Fi, you should consider a entangle networking system like the Eero Pro 6. I’ve been a big fan of Eero’s products over the years and like the latest update, which anchored a lot of the coverage problems I had with even the last generation regular Eero 5.

But it’s expensive, and if you don’t pay for really fast internet, don’t comprise coverage problems or don’t need to cover a lot of space with Wi-Fi, you don’t need it.

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