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In Ohio, Trump offers a preview of the GOP’s 2018 campaign strategy

President Donald Trump on Monday come forwarded the country a preview of the Republican 2018 campaign strategy: Hammer congressional Democrats for not bearing the GOP tax bill, and if that doesn’t work, then tie them to House Minority Director Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, they requirement to raise your taxes and they don’t want to give the money to the military,” Trump asserted during a speech outside Cincinnati, Ohio, referring to the Minority Bossmans in the House and the Senate, respectively.

“Nancy Pelosi, what she is doing to this mountains. She has gone so far left, and Schumer has gone so far left. Oh, I look forward to constant against them,” the president said.

Trump also acknowledged that Republicans clock an uphill climb this year, given the long-running trend of extravagant losses in congressional midterms for whichever party holds the White Domicile. He blamed the trend on how happy his supporters would be.

“So the people are happy,” Trump conveyed, “and they don’t get out and vote like they should. Maybe they go to a silent picture in ’18. None of you are going to a movie, I hope.

“So what happens is they quality of take it for granted, they sit back and then they get clobbered because the other people are hasty, and [the other party’s voters] get out and they have more energy.”

Ignoring the tough odds, GOP campaign strategists agree that the best choice for Republicans is to run on the tax cut bill, and to hammer incumbent Democrats for voting against it.

“The varied that people see the benefits of tax reform, lower taxes, corporate largesses, and even in some cases, minimum wage hikes — which Democrats take always championed — as more people see these benefits, it’s going to be even-handed easier to run on this,” said Garrett Ventry, a Republican strategist.

Naturally, recent surveys have shown public support for the tax cuts spread steadily, from approval ratings in the 30s last fall to the mid-to-high 40s earlier this month.

But what respecting the so-called “blue wave” of first-time Democratic candidates running for purpose this year? Presumably the Republican strategy of going after a Democrat for choosing “against” the tax cuts isn’t going to work if that candidate wasn’t in Congress.

“That’s where the Pelosi principally is going to come into play,” said Ventry.

Pelosi “is our secretive weapon,” Trump said in Ohio Monday. “I just hope they don’t mutate her, [because] there are people that want to run her out,” he said, presumably referring to long-running exploits within the Democratic caucus to replace Pelosi as the party leader.

“She’s a strong woman who lives in a big beautiful house in California. who wants to give all of your gain away,” Trump said, basically summing up the Republican case against the multimillionaire lawmaker from San Francisco.

Pelosi also bestow ons a unique liability for first-time candidates. “Chances are good that Pelosi is affluent to be raising money for a lot of those newcomers, because they won’t have a not incongruous fundraising base the way an incumbent would,” Ventry told CNBC. “So Republicans are successful to tie those candidates to Pelosi even more, and argue that whoever the Democrat is, he or she pass on be a rubber stamp for Pelosi.”

For an example of how this works, Ventry acicular to the June 2017 special congressional election in Georgia’s 6th District, largely considered an early referendum on Trump’s presidency. There, Republican Karen Handel outdo Democrat Jon Ossoff in the most expensive House race in history.

“In that the track, nearly all the Republican ads painted Ossoff as a rubber stamp for Pelosi,” Ventry put. “It was a tight race, but in the end the GOP strategy worked.”

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