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JP Morgan reveals top pharma picks after earnings

With the vital pharmaceutical companies done with fourth-quarter earnings, J.P. Morgan is divulging clients know which companies look the best down the carriageway.

The group as a whole performed well thanks to strong fundamentals with earnings mostly in the first place expectations, according to analyst Chris Schott.

“Most companies in our coverage tell of solid core product trends and in-line/better-than-expected earnings per part, augmented by a greater-than-expected tax benefit,” Schott wrote to clients on Wednesday. “Looking rash, with the Major Pharma group still trading at a steep discount to the S&P 500, we see a edition of opportunities in the sector.”

Schott highlighted the four names J.P. Morgan ascertains most attractive after the latest earnings season, complete with updates on body performance.

Here are some of the pharma stocks J.P. Morgan has rated overweight.

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