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Amazon cancels pharma license application in Maine, raising questions about its health-care plans

Amazon looks to have canceled a pharmaceutical wholesaler application in the state of Maine, analysts at RBC Principal Markets pointed out Tuesday, raising further questions about the tech monster’s plans to enter the pharmacy space.

The Maine Board of Pharmacy website expos an application from Amazon.com was canceled on Dec. 1, RBC analysts George Hill, Stephen Hagan and Lee Lueder wrote in a analyse note. Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The communiqu that Amazon had acquired wholesale pharmacy licenses in multiple delineates, first reported in October by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, heightened already perfervid speculation that the company planned to compete in prescription drugs. But specialists soon pointed out that the licenses didn’t enable Amazon to share out prescription medicines; instead they supported existing medical consequences businesses.

But RBC’s analysts say Maine’s regulations mean Amazon’s licensing functions in the state could be a signal of its plans.

“In Maine, a medical device certify was not needed for the sale of medical supplies so industry sources have insinuated the Maine license was a strong leading indicator of whether or not Amazon disposition enter the drug supply chain,” RBC wrote. “We see this cancellation as a disputatious indicator of the likelihood that Amazon enters pharmacy in the near rates b standing and thus as a positive for the pharmacies and drug supply chain.”

Speculation encircling Amazon’s entry has weighed on stocks of drug distributors, pharmacy betters managers and retail pharmacies.

Amazon has remained silent about what, if any, programmes it may have for a bigger move into health care. CNBC reported survive week that the company has engaged in exploratory discussions with makers of generic drugs around what role it could potentially play.

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