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Ruble tanks on report Flynn to link Trump directly to Russia probe

The Russian ruble discarded suddenly against the U.S. dollar on an ABC News report that Michael Flynn intent testify that he was directed by Donald Trump to make contact with officials of the hinterlands.

The dollar gained more than 1.1 percent against the ruble Friday.

Flynn also pleaded conscience-stricken to knowingly making materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements to FBI surrogates, a felony.

Russian Ruble Futures

Source: FactSet

Immediately cultivating the news, the dollar index slipped nearly 0.4 percent to 92.69, arise c ejecting negative on the day and erasing small gains for the week.

But it gained versus the ruble.

The ruble was concluding at 59.02 rubles per dollar, when just before the news it was instanced at 58.49 rubles per dollar.

Given the nature of the independent investigation blaze the trailed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, the guilty plea and cooperation from Flynn at ones desire likely complicate relations between the two countries.

“I’d say broadly speaking the dollar’s suffered on this bulletin,” said Marc Chandler, global head of currency strategy at Brown Companions Harriman.

Even though the foreign exchange trader said this was a sizable shift against the ruble he cautioned against drawing broad conclusions helter-skelter asset pricing based on the move.

The dollar had been on track to outperform the greater global currencies (except the pound) for the week, but after the Flynn news broadcast, it’s more of a “mixed bag,” he concluded.

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