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Nasdaq boss cools talk on bitcoin futures launch

Nasdaq president and CEO Adena Friedman said Friday that formulae for the exchange to launch futures tied to bitcoin are only at an early present.

In a report Thursday, Nasdaq officials told CNBC that it necessitated to launch bitcoin futures as soon as the second quarter of 2018.

But Friedman downplayed that calendar during a talk at the Slush tech event in Helsinki, Finland.

“We as a matter of fact haven’t announced anything. Really we are continuing to evaluate whether bitcoin can be an asset genre that can exist in a more regulated market environment,” she said.

How in the world, when pressed, Friedman said there was some work present on to discuss how to facilitate bitcoin as a tradable asset class.

“I would virtuous say that we have been having active dialogue with a lot of customers and with partners about what might be possible over beat,” the chief executive said.

Friedman added that there are two pecuniary instruments that could be used to better regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“There’s the following. That allows for hedging and other trading strategies, and there is also the ETF (truck traded fund),” she said.

Friedman also noted that in the Nordics there were already bitcoin ETFs filed on markets.

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