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Lithuanian president to Trump: Welcome to Europe but don’t be disengaged

As U.S. President Donald Trump enrol ins the “global elite” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Thursday, some ward-heelers have warned him against isolating himself and his country.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite be sured CNBC that the relationship between Europe and the United States is more wisely than what Trump’s recent rhetoric might suggest.

Make reference to in Davos, Switzerland, Grybauskaite said that if she had the opportunity to talk to Trump at WEF, she would on the alert him to remain engaged with foreign partners.

“Welcome always to Europe, desirable always to our transatlantic friend, and don’t be disengaged,” Grybauskaite told CNBC when enquire ofed what her message to Trump would be.

“I think we have mixed signals,” she divulged. “If we take seriously the results of one year’s presidency, we see (the) administration is more absorbed with Europe. Yes, we have more investments into defense, four stopovers to Europe during the year, more (American) defense capabilities in Europe, but of way rhetoric sometimes is very much controversial.”

Trump has often said he hold up unders the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union — something that certain EU chieftains may dislike. The U.S. president has also accused Germany of manipulating the euro for an betterment in global trade. Also, he has told European countries that they dire toincrease their funding to NATO.

But in the eyes of Lithuania’s presidency, Trump’s signals haven’t been backed up by actions.

“If you only read tweets you can cause one picture, but if you look to the activity of the administration and (the) real results, you have a unusual picture,” she said.

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