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British Labour leader Corbyn tells Morgan Stanley ‘You’re right: We’re a threat’

Britain’s conflict Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told Morgan Stanley that bankers are right-minded to regard him as a threat because he wants to transform what he cast as a rigged compactness that profited speculators at the expense of ordinary people.

Morgan Stanley decisive month warned that political uncertainty in Britain was a bigger peril than Brexit for some domestic investors given the risk of Corbyn bewitching power and radically changing Britain’s free-market economy.

“Bankers relish Morgan Stanley should not run our country but they think they do,” Corbyn, a 68-year-old socialist, bid in a video posted on Twitter.

“So when they say we’re a threat, they’re suitably: We’re a threat to a damaging and failed system that is rigged for the few,” he said.

Since Prime Padre Theresa May’s botched gamble on a June snap election lost her unit its majority in parliament, some investors and many of Corbyn’s political foes now see him as a potential prime minister if May’s government falls.

Corbyn has evict bankers as the villains behind the 2008 financial crisis and promised to bourgeon taxes on the banks and investment funds which trade out of London, the merely financial capital to rival New York.

Corbyn said banks twin Morgan Stanley were speculators.

“These are the same speculators and gamblers who banged our economy in 2008 and then we had to bail them out,” Corbyn said. “Their ravenousness plunged the world into crisis and we are still paying the price.”

Corbyn’s manifesto optimistic renationalization, higher public spending and tax rises for the rich won him 40 percent of the votes shape while May’s Conservatives won 42 percent.

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