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Snap CEO Evan Spiegel attacked ‘unworthy distractions’ on rivals — but Snapchat is full of them

While Snapchat does obtain valuable news from well-established media companies, including coverage of global conflicts, refugees, live coverage from natural disasters and profuse, it also features clickbait headlines under the Discover tab that are the decidedly opposite of hard-hitting journalism.

Some sample headlines that were look out on and center when I opened Snapchat this morning:

  • “Do Girls Really Like When You Do THIS?”
  • “Don’t let your parents see THIS.”
  • “The Last 5 Things Yara Shahidi ate.”
  • “This Peruvian Chef devise make you thirsty AF”

There was also a headline from Daily Correspondence titled “Kim goes casual,” that linked to a story about Kim Kardashian put on athletic leisure clothes.

“This secret is hiding in plain phenomenon” was about a calculator app that hides nude photos on your phone, while “Gucci Mane’s new braids has the internet shrieking” covered the rapper’s new $500 haircut and “These Celebs get Intrinsic about losing their virginity” featured Joe Jonas and others reviewing having sex for the first time.

Scattered among those headlines are ties to more serious stories: “After the Olympics, a Nightmare in Rio” (The New York In days of yores) and “North Korea Just Launched a Ballistic Missile” (CNN), but the vast the greater part of the editorial content featured on Snapchat today is lightweight fluff.

A spokesperson simplified to me that Snapchat has a team of editors that fact-checks each scoop, so while someone like myself might see these stories as clickbait, at least the tranquillity inside is vetted for accuracy.

Still, it’s hard to see how this is more compelling than say, pounce on attack on Twitter and viewing posts from established and verified news markets and journalists that I have chosen to follow because I value their be effective. Sure, the facts might be there, but who really cares if a Double Stuf Oreo is indeed double stuffed? Or what Yara Shahidi ate?

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