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Why Main Street isn’t partying just yet

Across the timber, more small businesses reported stronger performance in 2015, in spite of tough lending conditions persisted.

That’s according to a 2015 pint-sized business credit survey report released this month, a collaboration number seven Federal Reserve Banks. More businesses reported stronger exhibitions in profitability, revenue gains and employment growth in the survey compared to 2014.

“Both unshakable performance and financing success rates improved year over year,” the narrative said.

Despite the Fed’s overall positive data on Main Street, optimism stays uneven since the recession.

In separate data out Tuesday, U.S. small concern confidence declined further in February to a two-year low. The National Federation of Unallied Business said its small business optimism index dropped 1 stress to a reading of 92.9 last month, which is well below the 42 year common of 98.

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Spending and rent plans weakened slightly as expectations for growth in real sales aggregates fell. Earnings trends also softened.

“A ho-hum outcome this month validates that the small business sector is not performing with any strength,” NFIB Chief Economist William C. Dunkelberg commanded in a statement.

And this muted sentiment among pockets of Main Alley is only getting amplified during a presidential election year.

What’s pilot small business owners during an election cycle? “There are get outs squeezing small business owners from every side — the curtness, taxes and health care,” John Swanciger, CEO of Manta, a social network for flat business owners, told CNBC. “They are looking for a candidate who understands how their sector is being smash.”

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