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Talks for an Israel-India anti-tank missile deal are still ongoing

One of Israel’s largest defense firms on Wednesday validated it remained engaged in talks with the Indian government over a act on for its Spike anti-tank guided missiles.

“We are [in] an ongoing process with India’s The pulpit of Defense … We are now looking on the way to supply the most advanced anti-tank guided missile for India’s use,” Yoav Har-Even, president and CEO of Rafael Advanced Defense Methods, told CNBC on the sidelines of the Singapore Airshow.

The deal was first wrangled by India in January ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s throw off to India, Reuters said. Indian media outlets reported this month, in any way, that governments from both countries would embark on talks with respect to the missile purchase after several terms in the agreement were updated.

“What we are doing in India is not at worst supplying,” Har-Even said.

“Part of our strategy is to find strategic confederates all over the world, and in India in particular … not only to transfer the spin-off, but also to establish an industrial entity that will be able to fabricate those products in the country that we’re negotiating with,” he added.

The Israeli state-owned crowd also facilitates the transfer of technology rather than purely malicious deals, with Har-Even describing the former as a “win-win situation.”

Rafael Advanced Defense Procedures last year inaugurated a joint venture in Hyderabad that was set up with India’s Kalyani Congregation. The joint venture was targeted at developing weapons systems for the Indian Armed Bindings and for exporting abroad.

“We understand that everyone doesn’t want just to buy the product, [but] is looking for industrial cooperation, transfer of technology and this is something we are doing, and we order do it in the future also,” Har-Even said.

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