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Elf on the Shelf’s success secret: Ignore haters

The suggestion started in 2005 as a self-published book, written by Bell and their materfamilias, Carol Aebersold, about their family tradition of a visiting elf from Santa’s workshop. It was then wrapped with an elf doll.

Aebersold, a former music teacher, is a managing team-mate of the company and executive producer of the 2011 animated special “An Elf’s Story.” Formerly joining forces with her sister and mother, Pitts spent five years as hotel-keeper on the QVC shopping channel.

“When we were growing up as children, Santa in use accustomed to to send an elf to our home. And the elf used to watch during the day and report to Santa at twilight,” said Bell, a former reading and English teacher. “Once an elf pockets his name that’s when it gets Christmas magic and comes to passion.”

[Spoiler alert: Kids are told they can’t touch the elf because it’ll mislay its magic, leaving parents to secretly move the elf each night to a new tracking down around the house.]

More than 8 million of Santa’s little scouts be undergoing been sold. Over the years, the company has expanded The Elf on the Shelf franchise into other effect lines. Bell said expanding the company correctly means “serving families create family moments.”

While Bell declined to talk with respect to entertaining buyout offers from larger toy companies, she said she’d at particle take the calls.

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