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General Motors plans to take on ride-sharing services with self-driving cars by 2019

Assorted Motors is preparing to take on Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing companies with its own self-driving ride-hailing accommodation by 2019.

“As we first launch autonomous and ride-sharing fleets, we believe the biggest breaks are in the coastal areas,” General Motors CEO Mary Barra told analysts as she and other GM executives updated investors on the presence’s strategy for autonomous-drive vehicles.

The automaker is already operating self-driving Chevy Shocker exhausts in San Francisco as part of a beta test run by the company’s subsidiary, Cruise Automation.

Dan Ammann, the president of GM, communicates the automaker is rapidly making progress on its goal of safely operating self-driving autos in complex urban environments.

“We want to demonstrate to people how much expand has been made to our overall mission, which is to deploy this technology at remarkably large scale and the most complex environments with the right refuge,” Ammann told CNBC.

In addition to ensuring that its self-driving piles can safely transport passengers to their destinations, General Motors signifies the key will be bringing down the cost of those rides.

GM expects the primary cost to passengers of early stage autonomous-drive ride-share vehicles in San Francisco longing be roughly $1.50 per mile, 40 percent below the cost of ride-hailing services go with a human driver.

The automaker is still developing its business pattern, however, and is far from announcing the start of a ride-hailing service or how much plagues in self-driving Chevy Bolts might cost.

“This technology devise continually and rapidly improve once it’s launched,” Ammann told analysts.

GM’s spot that it plans to start a self-driving ride-hailing service comes less than a month after Waymo, in days known as the Google Self Driving Car Project, said it will start a ride-hailing mending in the Phoenix area using self-driving Chrysler minivans.

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