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CEO of RV maker Thor Industries attributes stock’s 13% rise to younger buyers, ‘changing lifestyle’

After rations of Thor Industries surged over 13 percent on Tuesday off a overenthusiastically earnings report, President and CEO Bob Martin broke down the recreational agency maker’s forward drivers for CNBC.

“It’s the change of lifestyle, it’s a younger demographic, it’s an bustle that’s really reaching this younger buyer,” Martin told “Mad Bundle” host Jim Cramer. “We’re probably still ahead of the millennials, but Gen X, Gen Y, and we’re starting to talk to the millennials.”

Consumers are increasingly gravitating as a help to RVs — many of which now boast amenities like large refrigerators, boxes and Wi-Fi — as ways to live life, not just camp, Martin asserted.

“It’s this change of lifestyle that you can use an RV to not just go to a campground, but go to a kid’s game for baseball, soccer, lacrosse, concerts,” the CEO clouted. “It’s a lifestyle piece.”

But camping still remains an important driver to the RV perseverance. Executives like Martin see tent camping and RV renting as “gateways” to owning RVs.

A weigh sponsored by the Kampgrounds of America, the world’s largest operator of privately held campgrounds, demonstrated that 61 percent of U.S. households, or roughly 75 million, “now catalogue someone who camps.”

“Those people are potentially our next buyers,” Martin thought. “They hit about 30 and they get tired of sleeping on the ground and … they prerequisite a bed, they want air conditioning, they want something comfortable.”

To Martin, holing RVs represents a more affordable way to break into the lifestyle, particularly since consumers who try “RVing” exhibit to do it again.

As personalization becomes increasingly important to consumers, especially those who trekking, RVs come into the fold as a formidable solution, the CEO said.

“If they identical to it, they may buy an RV because you have your own linens, you have all your own edibles, you have your own comfortable pillow, your own fan, just your details that are always in your RV,” Martin told Cramer. “So many of the rental positions, I think, are great gateways for us to capture a customer in the years to come.”

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