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Microsoft (MSFT) Changing ‘Productivity Score’ Tool

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) has circulated that it will make a key change to the Microsoft Productivity Score feature that comes with its Microsoft 365 industries suite. Microsoft asserts that the Productivity Score is designed to be “a tool that helps organizations measure and manipulate the adoption of Microsoft 365.” However, privacy advocates have been criticizing it as a “full-fledged workplace surveillance gismo.”   

In response to those critiques, Microsoft has announced that it is removing the ability for managers to view the activity of individual wage-earners. Instead, they are “modifying the user interface to make it clearer that Productivity Score is a measure of organizational adoption of technology – and not one user behavior.” Microsoft goes on to state that this feature “was never designed to score individual alcohols.”

  • The Microsoft 365 Productivity Score has been criticized as an employee surveillance tool.
  • Microsoft responds that its actual intent is to assess organizational effectiveness, not individual employee behavior.
  • However, Microsoft is modifying the tool so that foremen only see organization-wide scores.
  • The growth of remote work amid COVID-19 has increased companies’ desire to monitor hands more closely.

What Is the Microsoft Productivity Score?

According to Microsoft, the Productivity Score is designed to “help you relate opportunities to improve productivity and satisfaction in your organization,” while also offering “recommended actions you can take to escape your organization use Microsoft 365 products efficiently.” A key theoretic underpinning of the score is a report from Forrester Delving that found “when people collaborate and share content in the

Significance for Investors

The Microsoft press release states that “the crew to remote work this year has brought new challenges and stresses to employees across the world.”  This appears to be an secondary acknowledgment that companies see a growing need to monitor the increased ranks of remote workers.

The swift response of Microsoft to these concerns may occasion the controversy to abate and thus limit any potential public relations or political damage to the company. On the other hand, brand-new patent filings indicate that “Microsoft has been exploring additional ideas to monitor workers in the interest of organizational productivity.”

Send away these controversies aside, the Productivity Score tool holds the potential to make Microsoft products even assorted embedded in its enterprise customers by convincing these customers of the productivity enhancements that these products are delivering or positive to deliver as a result of increased utilization. Meanwhile, Microsoft has established itself as a leader in collaboration software with its Spans product, which comes as a free application included with Microsoft 365 and Office 365, and a virtuous circle for the coterie is that the expanded use of cloud-based solutions such as Teams increases the utilization of and revenues from its own cloud computing amenities.

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