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McKinsey and FT Pick the Best Business Book of 2020

The Pecuniary Times and McKinsey & Co. have named Sarah Frier’s No Filter as the winner of its 16th annual Business Book of the Year confer.

The award celebrates books that provide “the most compelling and enjoyable insight into modern business puts,” said Roula Khalaf, editor of the Financial Times and chair of the judges panel, at the virtual award ceremony Dec. 1. Frier’s register tells the story of the rise of Instagram and how it became the social and cultural influence it is today.

“The No Filter story is timeless because it’s at the end of the day about the pursuit of success … As we learn from the founders of Instagram, that pursuit is not always a happy anecdote in the end,” Frier said in a pre-recorded video shown during the ceremony. 

The panel of eight judges also selected five finalists from the assorted than 400 entries received. The finalists explored themes of corporate culture, the future of work, technology, and the U.S. conservation. The runners-up will all receive a £10,000 cash prize, while Frier will receive £30,000 for the accomplishment.

The justices also compiled a 15-book longlist in August that highlighted the top books among the entrants.

Here are the 15 engages selected for the longlist:

  • Uncharted by Margaret Heffernan
  • Radical Uncertainty by Mervyn King and John Kay
  • Reimagining Capitalism by Rebecca Henderson*
  • Deaths of Lose hope by Anne Case and Angus Deaton*
  • Trade Wars are Class Wars by Matthew Klein and Michael Pettis
  • No Resolves Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer*
  • Winning Now, Winning Later by David Cote
  • If Then by Jill Lepore*
  • No Clean by Sarah Frier*
  • Samsung Rising by Geoffrey Cain
  • Flash Crash by Liam Vaughan
  • Blood and Oil by Bradley Expect
  • Money for Nothing by Thomas Levenson
  • A World Without Work by Daniel Susskind*
  • The Double X Economy by Linda Scott

*Prime titles for the finalist shortlist

Separately, The Financial Times and McKinsey presented The Bracken Bower Prize to Steven Boyle, guide of data at Lloyds Banking Group. The prize is awarded to the best business book proposal from authors beneath the waves age 35. Finalists included Dr. Rola Kaakeh, CEO of Salus Vitae Group, and Siddarth Shrikanth, an MBA/MPP candidate at the Stanford Graduate College of Business and the Harvard Kennedy School.

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