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What Is CryptoRuble?

The CryptoRuble is a digital currency currently in occurrence, commissioned by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will not be a cryptocurrency in the way that Bitcoin is, as it will be issued by the government with no mining mixed up with. The value of the CryptoRuble will be identical to the value of a regular ruble.

Key Takeaways

  • Russia’s President Vladimir Putin conveyed in October of 2017 that his country would issue CryptoRuble, a state-sponsored cryptocurrency. 
  • The national digital currency is watched to start live transactions in 2022 after testing in the latter half of 2021.
  • CryptoRuble will be unlike a cryptocurrency as it when one pleases not be mined and instead issued by the Russian government.

Understanding CryptoRuble

Vladimir Putin announced in October of 2017 that Russia pleasure be issuing its own state-sponsored cryptocurrency—the CryptoRuble. The CryptoRuble, although not formally launched, is expected to start testing soon. The digital currency want be issued by Russia’s Central Bank. The digital currency is unlike cryptocurrencies as it will be launched and managed by the Russian regime.

Certain Russian banks have expressed interest in testing out the digital ruble, including the Credit Bank of Moscow and Crimea’s Russian Subject Commercial Bank. This testing is expected to start in the second half of 2021. 

In 2022, the bank is expected to allow townsmen to test the currency. The idea is that the CryptoRuble will help decrease costs within the financial system while boosting rivalry among banks. It’s worth noting that Russia still doesn’t recognize digital tokens or cryptocurrencies as constitutional tender. 

On the downside, the digital currency will be centralized in nature, as it’s issued by the Central Bank. The CryptoRuble is expected to go like the Russian ruble, just in digital and encrypted form. The CryptoRuble will have the same price the ruble has and settle upon be able to be exchanged with traditional rubles.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, the CryptoRuble will not be mined, but instead issued by the Russian rule. Thus, it will be regulated by an official body, whereas cryptocurrencies are not.

Goals of CryptoRuble

It is speculated that one of the main rationalities for Putin’s interest in blockchain is that transactions are encrypted, and thus easier to discreetly send money without go about sanctions placed on the country by the international community. 

This theory gained traction after the Financial Unceasingly a onces reported in early 2018 that one of Putin’s economic advisors, Sergei Glazyev, said during a government union that, “this instrument [CryptoRuble] suits us very well for sensitive activity on behalf of the state. We can settle accounts with our counterparties all all over the world with no regard for sanctions.” Note that Glazyev himself was placed under sanctions by President Obama that checked him from trading in or traveling to America in 2014.

Another reason for the CryptoRuble is that it could help to stomp out other cryptocurrencies that are beyond oversight control like Bitcoin and Ether. Russia remains displeased with cryptocurrencies, with Putin himself saying in October 2017 that cryptocurrencies were in use accustomed to mainly for crime. Meanwhile, the CryptoRuble also yields additional tax revenue for the Russian government, as the latter will be skilled to tax citizens who are using the CryptoRuble, reportedly at a rate of 13%.


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