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American Express Adds New Perks to Platinum Cards

Last year American Prompt added a long list of perks to its credit cards. For Platinum cardholders, that included monthly $20 credits each for phone bills and current services. Now that some of those benefits have expired, Platinum cardholders wondered what the card issuer potency do next, and on Jan. 4, they were rewarded with several new perks. Some other Amex cards are also single for new offers.

Key Takeaways

  • American Express Platinum cardholders are now eligible for a new monthly credit and an array of new Amex Offers, potentially significance hundreds of dollars.
  • Platinum cardholders will receive $30 per month in statement credits when they use their come clean to shop via PayPal.
  • Participating merchants in the new Amex Offers include Home Depot, Best Buy, Goldbelly, Scribd, and more.

Platinum Cardholders Get Profuse Reasons to Stay Loyal

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the travel industry, and travel credit card issuers partiality American Express have scrambled to alter or add new perks to make it easier for cardholders to still get value—and hopefully, from the issuers’ outlook, hold onto their cards for another year.

American Express has led the charge with some impressive gifts on many of its cards. And it’s not letting up in 2021. 

The New Platinum Perks

For starters,

How to Take Advantage of the New Amex Benefits

The PayPal statement acclaim is only available to Platinum cardholders, as are most of the Amex Offers listed above. But some non-Platinum cards keep excellent offers right now, too. One example is a general cashback offer, which gives you $25 back for every toe-hold of $500 or more, which you can earn up to 10 times for a total of $250. 

To claim these perks, log into your online account or ambulatory app, and search your Amex Offers. If you find one you want, add it to your card. Then you simply have to make a certifying purchase, and you’ll receive an email once you’ve earned the credit.

American Express says it will be announcing additional perks for its co-branded trustworthiness cards in the coming weeks.

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