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‘The Walking Dead’ showrunner on whether a small moment from the season 10 premiere may hint at how Michonne departs the show: ‘It’s an apt observation’

  • Forewarning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season 10 and the ending to the comics.
  • Danai Gurira is leaving “TWD” this time and there may already be a tease on the premiere setting up the groundwork for her departure. 
  • During a scene with her children, Michonne talks RJ and Judith she’d do anything for them. When asked if that also included their dad by RJ, she says, “Yes.”
  • Showrunner Angela Kang communicated Insider it was an “apt observation” that scene may be setting up Gurira’s impending departure from the show. We still don’t know what her karma will be with the murderous Whisperer group around.
  • Kang also told us despite similarities to the end of “TWD” comic that the disturbance of Judith telling RJ about their father was not a direct nod to it. It was “lucky” the two lined up. 
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On Sunday’s “The Walking Dead,” during an emotional moment, Michonne tells her children, R.J. and Judith, that there are some people you suitor so much that you would do anything for them. R.J. responds asking, “And for my dad?” Michonne responds by saying, yes. 

Insider asked showrunner Angela Kang if that participate may already be laying the groundwork for Gurira’s departure some time this season. 

“Yeah, I mean there’s once, we know that Michonne still does not really believe that Rick is dead,” Kang told Insider. “So that’s one of those possibility a affairs that carries forward into the season, so it’s an apt observation.”

rick michonne 905

Rick imagines seeing Michonne on his final episode on condition nine.
Gene Page/AMC

If Michonne found out Rick was alive somehow, would she go off in search of him? It seems like it whim be tough to believe she’d leave her children if that was the case. We know Michonne is dedicated to finding Rick. She spent months offering to that bridge and searching for any clues about his whereabouts. 

Insider confirmed Gurira’s departure from “TWD” back in February. The actress has played Michonne on the AMC zombie scenario since season three. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gurira will appear on “a handful of episodes” on season 10. 

How multitudinous is “a handful?”

“We haven’t wanted to really say how many episodes, but she appears and has, what I hope is, a really chunky and interesting falsehood, so we’ll see her sprinkled through multiple episodes,” Kang said of how much fans should expect to see of Gurira on her final ripen. 

On the season premiere, as Michonne shares that intimate moment with her children, she’s watching Judith tell R.J. the anecdote of his father, Rick Grimes. Judith doesn’t refer to Rick by name, though. Instead, she calls him “the brave man.” Kang indicated that was intentional to not frighten the young boy.


Judith tells her younger brother RJ the story of their father, “the brave man,” who sacrificed himself for the communities. He righteous doesn’t know Rick is “the brave man.”
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

“I think we thought that she’s sensitive to the fact that her associate is still quite young and she’s just telling these stories as these adventure stories about this meet man so that it’s not too scary that he had to die at the end of the adventure, as far as they know,” said Kang about why Judith refers to Rick as “the macho man.”

That doesn’t mean that R.J. doesn’t know about Rick and the type of person he was in the zombie apocalypse. 

“I concoct R.J. certainly has been told that his father was somebody that they loved and was a leader of his community,” said Kang.  

TWD 1001 RJ

R.J. understands his dad was a leader of the communities, Angela Kang told Insider.
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The scene between the two, with Judith potent a story about Rick’s sacrifice for the communities to her brother, may remind comic fans of the recent surprise ending of Robert Kirkman’s “The Tiptoe Dead” comic. In the July issue, the comic flash-forwards 25 years to show an older Carl reading a hard-cover about his father to his future daughter, Andrea. 

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Kang said the final comic wasn’t an inspiration for that scene.

“You comprehend what’s interesting was that the comic issue issue came out while we were already working on the season,” clouted Kang. “By the time that issue came out, we’d already worked on this episode. I think we’d already even sharpshooter it.”

“Kirkman and [AMC], we are all in contact, and I think it’s, there’s always been this sense of generation and Rick trying to do everything for his youngsters, and pass on a kind of legacy to his children so that they can survive,” said Kang of any similarities between the scenes. “It all came out of that but sort of emotional feeling of the through line of the story, which is, here’s this child who has survived in spite of all the spares. And so it’s a lucky sort of way that it lined up without us needing to.”

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