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‘The Walking Dead’ made a huge twist from the comics on Sunday’s episode and fans are shocked and disappointed

asdftwd 1004 ezekielEzekiel allotments a secret with Siddiq that he’s been keeping from the community at large on Sunday’s “The Walking Dead.”Gene Time/AMC

  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead’s” season 10, episode five, “What It Always Is.”
  • Ezekiel ventilates that he believes he has thyroid cancer.
  • Fans were taken aback by the news and some were disappointed if this is the allegation arc his character will take.
  • Others are hoping Ezekiel doesn’t actually have cancer, despite it running in his next of kin.
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While Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” revolved heavily approximately Negan’s escape from Alexandria, it also made one huge, unexpected reveal. 

Ezekiel tells Siddiq he has thyroid cancer, display him a huge mass on his neck. 

“A month. It’s grown since then,” Ezekiel says of how long the mass has been become large.

asdfezekiel cancer twd 1005Ezekiel takes off a covering to reveal a huge lump on his neck.AMC

Siddiq initially tries to tell him it’s not of necessity cancer. 

“Without tests you can’t be sure,” says Siddiq. 

But Ezekiel tells him there’s been a history of the cancer in his line with his grandmother and his father successfully surviving due to treatment. The King isn’t feeling as positive in the zombie apocalypse about his odds. 

The news caught a lot of fans off guard.

Many are disheartened by the news since Ezekiel survived his comic death.

Fans are saying it would have been better for the expose to have killed him last season if they’re going to be forced to watch him die a slow death now. 

On season nine, the Whisperers killed 10 nutters they kidnapped. In the comics, Ezekiel notoriously winds up on the final pike revealed in an emotional moment. Instead, his son Henry profited his place on the show.

asdftwd 915 pikesDaryl, Michonne, and Carol find some of their friends heads on pikes on edible nine, episode 15.Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The reveal didn’t come out of nowhere. It finally explains all of Ezekiel’s mysterious coughing since the enliven 10 premiere. It wasn’t the smoke inhalation that was getting to him.

Still, some fans are hoping that Ezekiel perhaps doesn’t have cancer or that he’ll find a cure if he is sick.

We’ll have to wait to learn more about what in all respects is going on with Ezekiel. How do you feel about his reveal on Sunday’s episode? Let me know @KirstenAcuna on Twitter. 

You can follow along with our coverage of “The Sashay Dead” here.

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