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‘The Walking Dead’ just pulled off one of its biggest twists in years and it’s a testament to how good the show is again

asdfsiddiq twd 1007Siddiq comes to a in a delicate conditioning discovery on Sunday’s episodeJace Downs/AMC

  • Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” time 10, episode seven, “Open Your Eyes.”
  • Sunday’s episode of “TWD” made two huge changes from the comics.
  • The demonstration revealed a member of Alexandria to be an undercover Whisperer. The series subsequently killed off a character who survived Robert Kirkman’s hilarious run. 
  • The surprise twists are a testament to how showrunner Angela Kang has turned critical opinion of the zombie show around since compelling over the AMC series.
  • By making “TWD” a true ensemble again and subverting viewer expectations, the show’s 10th season is the best it’s had in years. 
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“The Walking Dead” pulled off the show’s biggest twist in years on Sunday endlessly with a one-two punch.

On the episode’s final moments, Siddiq (Avi Nash) realized the doctor he has been working with all seasoned, Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas), was an enemy Whisperer who infiltrated the community. It’s one reason Siddiq has been having so scads traumatic memories of his time with the Whisperers any time he was around. Dante was one of his captors who forced him to watch the deaths of his consociates.

Before he could tell anyone, Dante swiftly and silently killed Siddiq before he could alert anyone else.

asdfsiddiq dante twd 1007In situation it wasn’t clear from the episode’s end, Siddiq is dead.Jace Downs/AMC

The moment was a complete shock whether you were a funny fan or simply one of the show. Though he acted a bit strange, Dante didn’t give any sign that he would have harmed Siddiq all seasoned. Instead, he shared intimate details about his past with Siddiq, the two communicated by radio, and at times it was hinted that Dante may deliver a thing for the fellow doctor. 

Though a few well-placed hints were scattered throughout the season, this was a twist that would be dressed been tough to guess since it’s unique to the show. 

In Robert Kirkman’s comic of the same name, Dante is one of the gracious guys. In fact, he eventually winds up with Maggie (Lauren Cohan). As for Siddiq, he survives to the comic’s very end. Sunday’s big celebration and subsequent death flipped viewer expectations not only by delivering a shocking twist, but one that could have been saved for next week’s mid-season finale.

Not since Negan undertook the show in 2016 to kill Abraham has the show really offered up a real shock. Though Jesus’ death was a take last season, actor Tom Payne told Insider he was bored with the role and that it was a mutual decision for him to cause to be the series.

Taking a bat to “The Walking Dead’s” formulaic model to make it feel fresh again

Sunday’s big surprise is a testament to how showrunner Angela Kang has bring to light d increased what could have been a slow death of a massive hit show into a monster revival. Sunday’s event is, at least, the third time Kang has subverted viewer expectations by delivering a big death and reveal before it was expected.

asdfangela kang angel theory twdAngela Kang (center) is foreseen with “TWD” stars Cassady McClincy and Angel Theory.
Since taking over as showrunner, Kang has taken big fluctuations, which have paid off to keep viewers on their toes.
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

In the past, big deaths didn’t surface on “TWD” until finales or mid-season finales, making them somewhat predictable. Sometimes the show would have a ill-bred cliffhanger in the winter and make fans wait two months for a reveal, something that doesn’t work too well on TV anymore in the age of spoilers.

It seemed Kang, who has been a pen-pusher since season two, had enough. 

On the season nine premiere, Kang killed off antagonist Gregory by the episode’s end instead of obstructing it out for several episodes.

asdfmaggie gregory walking dead 901Maggie decided to hang Gregory on the season nine premiere of “TWD.”Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

“We forever knew we were going to have this moment from the comic book and we just kind of said, ‘OK. Where does this sinking?’ And it’s like, you know what? Let’s just put the pedal to the metal and get it over with,” Kang said of Gregory’s swift demise on “Talking Dead” last year. 

Last season, Kang killed off 10 cast members in a moment staid out of the comics. Kang told Insider the death sequence was originally planned for the season finale, but they switched it up to do it the season’s penultimate episode in order to keep the pace of the story moving forward.

asdftwd 915 daryl lydiaThe heads of 10 in keepings were put onto pikes for Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and more to find.Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

“It just felt as though we would be treading water for an episode if we waited until the finale,” said Kang of why they moved the deaths up an part. “We would’ve came out with something cool to put in there, but I was like, ‘It just feels like we’re ready an episode antiquated.'”

With Sunday’s episode, Kang continues to keep viewers on their toes. It’s exactly the sort of energy the present needs 10 seasons into the zombie apocalypse. 

The odds were stacked against Kang.

asdfrick 905 walking deadWhen Andrew Lincoln departed the expo, it was unclear whether or not the show could carry on. The entrance of the Whisperers paid off in a big way.Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The fact that Kang has been skilled to turn “TWD” around is no small feat. When Kang gained control of the show in January 2018, the odds were stored against her. Three main stars — Chandler Riggs, Andrew Lincoln, and Lauren Cohan — were leaving or were set to disregard the show. A fourth, Danai Gurira, will leave “TWD” by the season’s end. Kang has since helped bring Cohan retire from for the show’s 11th season.

Most shows, from “Once Upon a Time” to “Scrubs,” haven’t fared too well after striving to continue without main cast members. But not “The Walking Dead.”

Despite losing the father and son duo who kicked off AMC’s zombie stagecraft, Kang has miraculously brought the show back to its roots by making it a true ensemble show once again. “TWD” out far too much time becoming the Rick show or the Negan show while dangling the rest of its bloated cast and not pay some of them enough to do.

As a result of Kang’s changes, season 10 of “The Walking Dead” is the best season its had in years.

asdftwd 1003 daryl michonne carolInstalments no longer focus on one or two people. They’re centered around multiple storylines, as they should be.Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

If Kang can preserve the momentum going well into the confirmed 11th season of the show, there’s no reason “TWD” can’t live on for several more years. But if the reveal wants to continue being a success, it needs to keep distancing itself from its source material to keep viewers attracted by. That’s when it’s strongest.

So far, it seems like something Kang doesn’t have difficulty in doing.

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