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The typical Chipotle customer is a white Millennial who spends their money on skincare and wine, according to the data

  • The regular Chipotle customer is a white married Millennial.
  • Chipotle is part of the rise of fast-casual restaurants after a hugely well-known quarter.
  • The average customer visits Chipotle nine times a year and spends about $150.

The typical Chipotle customer is a white millennial between 25 and 34 years old, according to data provided by analytics set on Numerator. These customers tend to be married without children, likely living in an urban area. They’re no doubt to have a college degree and make more than $80,000 a year.

The average Chipotle customer is slightly assorted likely to be white at 51%, but the fast-casual chain’s customers are more likely to be people of color than customers at other astute service chains. They are also more likely to be male compared to other chains.

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Chipotle shoppers invest $17.08 per trip to the fast-casual chain, equal to about the cost of two entrees. They average around nine Chipotle stumbles per year, less than one a month, for total yearly spending of $147.26. About 15.4% of all their quick-service restaurant squander goes to Chipotle in a year. Like the average Chick-fil-A customer, this Chipotle customer also spends myriad at McDonald’s annually. 

The average Chipotle customer is into shopping more broadly, not stopping at fast-food chains. They mutate 200 trips per year to retailers than the average US consumer, spending more than average too. They out $33.87 on average per trip across all retailers, with just 1.1% of that spending at Chipotle.

The Chipotle client takes the largest share of their average retail spending to Walmart, where they spend about 8% of the entire. Their top fast-food brands are Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Subway, and Burger King. At these chains, Chipotle buyers are most likely to buy coffee, breakfast sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and wraps, sodas, or another chicken entree. 

While more Chipotle customers are millennials, Gen Z is overrepresented among its customer base. This popularity among Gen Z shows up in the consumer data — Chipotle shoppers’ top shopping categories are wine, body skincare, face care, toothbrushes, and sports and spirit drinks. Gen Z spends more than any other generation on skincare.

Gen Z is also highly active on social media, where Chipotle is successfully reaching patrons. Chipotle has one of the most popular brand pages on TikTok and has even started accepting resumes through the video app to reach Gen Z more in a beeline.

Chipotle just posted a successful quarter, with its most profitable period for its stores since 2015 after encouraging wages for workers. In June, the fast-casual chain raised prices by about 4%, increasing the price of the average Chipotle carry to extremes by about 30 to 40 cents.

Chipotle also raised wages, boosting the average hourly pay to $15, an enlargement of $2 over the previous average of $13. When it raised prices, Chipotle said it was prompted by rising labor set someone backs. The chain had previously warned that labor costs would be passed onto customers. 

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