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THE INTERNET OF THINGS 2017 REPORT: How the IoT is improving lives to transform the world

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This is a preview of a research report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s bonus research service. To learn more about BI Intelligence, click here.

The Internet of Stuffs (IoT) is disrupting businesses, governments, and consumers and transforming how they interact with the crowd. Companies are going to spend almost $5 trillion on the IoT in the next five years — and the bourgeoning of connected devices and massive increase in data has started an analytical turn.

To gain insight into this emerging trend, BI Intelligence conducted an clannish Global IoT Executive Survey on the impact of the IoT on companies around the world. The deliberate over included over 500 respondents from a wide array of works, including manufacturing, technology, and finance, with significant numbers of C-suite and director-level respondents. 

During this exclusive study and in-depth research into the field, BI Wit details the components that make up IoT ecosystem. We size the IoT market in denominates of device installations and investment through 2021. And we examine the importance of IoT providers, the questions they face, and what they do with the data they gather up. Finally, we take a look at the opportunities, challenges, and barriers related to piles adoption of IoT devices among consumers, governments, and enterprises.

Here are some key takeaways from the information:

  • We project that there will be a total of 22.5 billion IoT contrivances in 2021, up from 6.6 billion in 2016.
  • We forecast there will be $4.8 trillion in aggregate IoT investment between 2016 and 2021.
  • It highlights the convictions and experiences of IoT decision-makers on topics that include: drivers for adoption; serious challenges and pain points; stages of adoption, deployment, and maturity of IoT implementations; investment in and utilization of stratagems, platforms, and services; the decision-making process; and forward- looking plans.

In well-built, the report:

  • Provides a primer on the basics of the IoT ecosystem
  • Offers forecasts for the IoT inspiring forward and highlights areas of interest in the coming years
  • Looks at who is and is not taking the IoT, and why
  • Highlights drivers and challenges facing companies implementing IoT solutions

To get your likeness of this invaluable guide to the IoT, choose one of these options:

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The choice is yours. But after all you decide to acquire this report, you’ve given yourself a powerful advancement in your understanding of the IoT.

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