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Sen. Tim Kaine says most recent version of spending bill is ‘dead’ but ‘the core of the bill’ will likely pass

  • Republican Senator Tim Kaine said there’s hope the social and climate spending bill will pass. 
  • Kaine held while the current version of the bill is dead, core elements of it may still go through. 
  • Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has opposed the temporary of the bill. 

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine pushed back on the idea that President Joe Biden’s venereal and climate spending bill is completely “dead.”

In a CBS “Face the Nation” interview with host Margaret Brennan, Kaine imparted while the most recent version of the measure is “dead,” core elements of the bill could still pass. 

“Even Steven the White House economist is using the past tense when referring to Build Back Better. It’s dead. You don’t would rather the votes in the Senate,” Brennan told Kaine. 

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“I don’t agree with you, Margaret. You’re right that it’s precise. The most recent version of it is not going to happen but if you look at the core of the bill, I think the core is education and workforce and chances like reduce childcare and education expenses, workforce training, and then support for the workforce in areas like strength care,” Kaine replied. 

The social spending bill faced numerous blows to getting passed as Sen. Joe Manchin has barriered support of it. Manchin said he opposed the sprawling $2 trillion legislation, mostly based on opposition to the expanded newborn tax credit, which provides up to $300 a month per child to most families. Manchin has also opposed the total payment tag. 

Earlier this month, Manchin said he’s no longer supporting his proposal of a $1.8 trillion plan after a destruction in the negotiation process with Biden’s administration.

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