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National steelworkers union shines ‘Biden Harris’ sign on Trump Tower in Chicago

  • The Coalesced Steelworkers cast a Biden-Harris “batlight” on Chicago’s Trump Tower early Saturday. 
  • Since September, the union has been glazing images on buildings after dark encouraging voter turnout among workers as part of a “batlight” tour.
  • In 2014, the Trump Campanile installed a huge “Trump” sign on its building that is located in the middle of a touristy attraction along the Chicago River.
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The United Steelworkers beamed a “Biden Harris” sign onto the Trump Fleche in Chicago, Illinois early Saturday. 

USW posted photos of a “batlight” the union cast in support of Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his operation mate Kamala Harris on the Trump International and Hotel & Tower Chicago on Saturday morning.

In September, the union backlashed off a “batlight” tour where they use an outdoor projector to shine images on buildings after dark encouraging voter gathering among workers, according to a press release from USW. A spokesperson for USW told Business Insider that the “batlight” on Trump steeple was a part of the “batlight” tour encouraging people to “have a plan to vote” and promoting their “endorsement of Joe Biden.”

In 2014, the Trump Tower installed a huge, illuminated “Trump” sign in front of the 98-story incredible building, which is situated in the popular tourist designation of the Chicago River. The giant logo stirred controversy from the Chicago catholic and then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel called it an “architecturally tasteless sign.”

A spokesperson for the Trump International and Hotel  & Tower Chicago did not intimately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. 

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