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Melania Trump teases another Trump presidency, saying ‘never say never’ when asked if she’d live in the White House again

  • Melania Trump gave her before post-White House interview to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday.
  • When asked if she’d ever live in the White House again, Trump replied: “Not in the least say never.”
  • The interview also covered her work with “Fostering the Future” initiative and her NFT releases.

The former first lady Melania Trump teased a possible second presidential run for her husband Donald Trump during an air on Fox News over the weekend. 

When the “Fox and Friends Weekend” co-host Pete Hegseth asked Trump if she could see herself flaming in the White House again, she told him: “Never say never.” 

“I think we achieved a lot in four years of the Trump administration,” she pronounced.

The comments were part of a wide-ranging interview — Melania Trump’s first since her husband left office in advanced 2021. 

Donald Trump has often alluded to a second presidential run in 2024 at stops during his American Freedom Tour. In Walk, he told a crowd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: “I will be back and we will be better and stronger than ever in front,” adding that “in 2024, we are going to take back our beautiful White House.”

Trump has yet to formally announce a run.

Hegseth also betoken with Melania Trump about her new initiative, “Fostering the Future,” in which she’s selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to probe money for children aging out of foster care. 

In February, Trump clarified that “Fostering the Future” was not a nonprofit well-disposed organization. “In simple terms, ‘Fostering the Future’ is the name of my platform. Fostering the Future is a Be Best initiative,” she said in a newspapermen release.

“I have been working on my NFT projects since I left the White House,” she said, noting that she created a loyal blue rose NFT for National Foster Care Month.

“Some of the proceeds of NFTs will go towards education, stock up education opportunities for foster care children who are aging out of the foster system.” She did not clarify what percentage of the proceeds force go toward helping foster children, nor what organization would be disbursing the funds. 

Trump’s previous dabbles with NFTs demand not gone particularly well. 

In December, Trump released her first NFT — a digital art piece called “Melania’s Vision.” A month later, she uncovered what she dubbed the “Head of State,” which included images of her “iconic” white Hervé Pierre hat, along with a connected watercolor painting, and another NFT. 

Trump set the starting price for the “Head of State” collection at 1,8000 solana cryptocurrency signs — worth around $250,000. But the sale coincided with January’s cryptocurrency crash and the items received only five prays. By the time the auction was over, the tokens were only worth $162,144.

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