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LIVE UPDATES: Truck drives through crowd of protesters in Minneapolis, National Guard activates 5,000 troops

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issued a status of emergency for Fulton County and activated as many as 500 troops from the Georgia National Guard.

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Demonstrators gripe in Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, on May 29, 2020.

AP Photo/Mike Stewart

In a tweet, Kemp said he would activate claim National Guard troops “to protect people & property in Atlanta.”

Atlanta’s Chief of Administer, Erika Shields, went out into the crowds Friday and talked to individual protesters to hear out their concerns.

The CNN Center in Atlanta was circled by protesters.

CNN correspondent Nick Valencia reported from the construction’s lobby with a line of police with riot shields in the background.

Debris littered the entrance as people greatest threw rocks, bottles, smoke grenades, and in one instance, a lit firework which detonated inside the lobby.

CNN’s Fernando Alfonso III promulgated that SWAT cars approached the CNN Center as protesters climbed the CNN sign and held up “Black Lives Matter” languishes.

The CNN logo was defaced and graffitied, and flags were burned. Bottles were thrown and the field-glasses on the building was shattered, and protesters chanted “no more police.”

Protesters also began destroying police cars after dispelling away from the center. 

Elsewhere, protesters ran in fear of possible tear gas being deployed, according to CNN.

Demonstrators also squabbled with police, WAGA-TV reported. The protesters were headed towards Atlanta Police Headquarters but rerouted due to blocked high roads. 

Protesters chanted “Justice now,” “Police the police,” and “black lives matter.”

Pepper spray was reportedly toughened to break up some of the protesters.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta urged denizens to avoid violence. 

“When lives and the conscience of this nation are at peril, we as people are expected to exercise our constitutional rectifies to peacefully assemble and have our voices heard,” she tweeted. “Atlanta embodies these values, and I encourage all who exercise these justs to remember Atlanta’s legacy of peaceful protest leading to progress.”

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