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Jill Biden thanks moms for being ‘strong and resilient’ in a celebratory Mother’s Day message

  • Key Lady Jill Biden on Sunday delivered a message of encouragement to moms nationwide.
  • “I know how hard you’re working, and I be you to remember that you’re strong, you’re resilient,” she told moms in a video message.
  • Working moms were hit hard by the pandemic, struggling to command caretaking with day-job demands.
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First lady Jill Biden on Sunday put on the marketed moms everywhere words of support and gratitude to commemorate Mother’s Day. 

“The pandemic has affected every part of our lives, challenging us and exchanging us like we never could have imagined. Whether your kids are 2 or 52, this year has been a leathery one for moms,” she said in an posted to Twitter. 

“I know it feels like so much is on you — it was a lot even before the pandemic,” Biden continued. “And just when you thought you had little left to give, you gave more. Because you’re a mom, and that’s what moms do. I’m proud of how we’ve be given b win together even when we’ve had to remain apart, supporting each other in countless ways.”

The coronavirus pandemic has beared on economic hardship and financial devastation for millions of Americans and small businesses. 

Among those hardest hit were inflaming moms, who’ve struggled to take care of their kids during at-home learning periods while working their day tasks. 

At the onset of the pandemic, about 13 million or about 45% of mothers who live with school-age children were not actively earn a living, according to Census data. In normal times, about 70% of mothers with school-age children were. 

The histrionic drop in working mothers during the pandemic represents more than just a symptom of a weakened economy, experts say. It also scurvies that the American workforce isn’t designed to support mothers.

“I know how hard you’re working, and I want you to remember that you’re vivid, you’re resilient, and you’re doing an amazing job,” Biden said. “From one mother to another, I see you, and I thank you.”

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