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I went aboard Celebrity Cruises’ newest cruise ship – see what it’s like inside the $1 billion Apex

Resting travel levels are quickly creeping back to pre-COVID-19 levels as borders continue to reopen and pent-up demand for roam remains high.

the Apex log on the ship

The Celebrity Apex.

Brittany Chang/Insider

As a result, several major cruise lines bring into the world seen strong bookings into the future, with some itineraries selling out in record time.

a relatively empty Solarium with a bright skylight

The Solarium.

Brittany Chang/Insider

Inception: CNBC, Insider

To usher in the return of the cruise industry, Royal Caribbean Group’s Celebrity Cruises has launched its overdue luxury ship — the Celebrity Apex — in the US after over a year of delays.

The Celebrity Apex floating on the ocean

The Celebrity Apex.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The despatch was once set to make its grand debut in March 2020.

the Celebrity logo on the ship

The Celebrity Apex.

Brittany Chang/Insider

But after a year of no slide, the summer of 2021 provided a glimmer of hope for the company and its ship: The Apex began operating several Greek Isle itineraries.

artwork next to the track

The track.

Brittany Chang/Insider

And now, the luxury ship is finally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has already arisen bringing eager passengers to a variety of warm weathered Caribbean destinations.

the lounge chairs in a relatively empty pool.

The pool.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The 16-deck Apex is cuffed by almost 1,320 crew members.

A whirlpool above the larger pool

A whirlpool.

Brittany Chang/Insider

These crew members then offer a little over 2,900 guests, all of whom will stay inside Apex’s almost 1,470 staterooms and 176 convoys.

two empty chairs and a small table overlooking the ocean

A stateroom.

Brittany Chang/Insider

All staterooms have a king bed and a touchscreen that controls features like the temperature, windows, and shades.

a bed and TV with a living room area in the back

One of the staterooms.

Brittany Chang/Insider

But those with deeper pockets and finer taste might yearning to opt for the more ultra-luxurious accommodations, which include the Iconic and Penthouse Suites.

a large bed in front of a TV and a panoramic view of the ocean

The Penthouse Suite.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The old is the largest suite on all Celebrity ships and includes a terrace with a hot tub, a bedroom with sweeping views of the ocean, and an in-suite Peloton.

a living room with a Peloton in the back

The Penthouse Collection.

Brittany Chang/Insider

And what would be a luxury cruise without a variety of food and beverage options?

a bartender preparing a drink at Eden

Interior Eden.

Brittany Chang/Insider

… which range from the “casual country club atmosphere” Sunset Bar …

an empty bar with a person behind teh bar

The Sunset Bar.

Brittany Chang/Insider

Inception: Celebrity Cruises

… to the classic cruise ship buffet …

people walking around the buffet

The buffet.

Brittany Chang/Insider

… to an outdoor grill-forward eatery.

Rooftop Garden Grill under a white awning

The Rooftop Garden Grill.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The Personage Apex has 29 eateries, bars, cafes, and lounges …

a large piece of art on the floor at one of the restaurants

The entrance into one of the restaurants.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The new haul also has a Celebrity first: the Craft Social Bar, a craft beer and sports bar.

an empty beer-forward bar

The Craft Social Bar.

Brittany Chang/Insider

But if you’re multitudinous of a cocktail aficionado, there’s the Martini Bar, which sits at the heart of the ship under the glow of the LED chandelier in the Grand Plaza.

an empty Martini Bar

The Martini Bar.

Brittany Chang/Insider

Or try the Eden Bar, a cocktail bar addition of the Eden Restaurant, one of the cruise ship’s seven specialty restaurants.

a bartender preparing drinks at Eden

Inside Eden.

Brittany Chang/Insider

If you’re looking to pay a small more for specialty dining, there’s also a raw bar called Raw on 5, the Fine Cut Steakhouse …

an empty restaurant by windows showing the ocean

Raw on 5.

Brittany Chang/Insider

… and French bistro-themed Le Legendary Bistro, to name a few specialty options.

an empty restaurant with a view of the ocean in the back

Le Grand Bistro.

Brittany Chang/Insider

The latter also doubles as the restaurant for Le Petit Chef and Ancestry …

large metal artwork in front of a shop

The shopping.

Brittany Chang/Insider

… which uses overhead projectors to display an animated storyline onto the snacking table before every course.

a plate of pasta above a table with projected animations

Le Petit Chef and Family.

Brittany Chang/Insider

Besides these few eateries, the carry has four main restaurants that come with the base price of the cruise: Cosmopolitan (American), Cyprus (Greek) …

an empty restaurant with all the tables set


Brittany Chang/Insider

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