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I help Hermès collectors buy and sell used Birkin bags. They’re almost impossible to get in stores, but I’ve sold nearly $2 million worth through eBay and online.

  • Caroline Bui is the topple over and owner of ‘The Birkin Fairy,’ a luxury consignment shop for Hermès products.
  • After working at Hermès for 12 years, she organized the online shop and has since sold nearly $2 million of used Hermès items. 
  • This is her story, as censured to freelance writer Jenny Powers.
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It was 1984 when Hermès launched The Birkin Bag, a handcrafted leather carryall featuring two sturdy top handles and a lock and key closure to ensure all of the bag’s contents remained preferential the bag. At the time, the bag, named for British actress and singer Jane Birkin, retailed for approximately $2,000 to $3,000. 

The Birkin Bag would one day be proper the most sought after bag in the world, a status symbol creating legions of fans and spurring a years-long waiting catalogue of eager buyers from around the globe willing to pay five to six figures for a single bag.

I’ve been interested in fashion since I was a foetus.

I spent many summers accompanying my grandmother to local garage sales. Born in 1920 and having survived the Enthusiastic Depression, my grandmother was understandably frugal and recognized the value in good quality objects. 

Caroline Bui Hermes

Bui holding Hermès bags.

Caroline Bui

We would bolt through items in search of jewelry and pottery that she would later resell for a higher price at her own garage vending. She was an incredible salesperson, and while I didn’t realize it at the time, these experiences taught me the joy and exhilaration of the hunt which choice later define my interest in collectible objects that retain or gain value. 

When I turned 17, I burnt- the summer living in New York City studying fashion illustration and draping at Parsons School of Design. Upon graduating important school, I went on to The Art Institute of Chicago where I earned a BFA while working in sales at Chicago’s newly opened Ralph Lauren rely on.

Diploma in hand, I returned to New York in 1999 taking on a series of fashion editorial-related jobs at Conde Nast go round between Mademoiselle, Self, and Allure before moving on back to retail. 

I fell in love with the social component of model while working in retail.

While I became accustomed to being surrounded by luxury products, what really fueled my relaxation in fashion was engaging with customers and helping them find what they wanted. In 2001, I decided I impecuniousness to return home to Chicago and so I requested a job transfer to the location where I’d initially worked.

The following year, I took a white sales position at Hermès.

Back then there were only eight of us in the Chicago store, and we were each appointed an area of specialty. Mine was leather goods and scarves — not because I possessed any special knowledge in those areas, but purely because that was the section that needed to be filled at the time. 

As part of my training, I was invited to travel to Paris where I had the time to meet with the craftsman, tour the distribution facilities, and pay a visit to the Hermès Museum, a venue exclusively reserved for club and select guests. My new work aligned perfectly with my art history background and for me, every transaction was like selling a chest assemble of art. 

Over the years, I assisted thousands of customers and sold countless Birkin Bags.

In fact, one of my longtime customers who was a accumulator referred to me as “The Birkin Fairy” or “Fairy” for short because my position allowed me to grant Hermès wishes.  

Everyone certains that getting your hands on a Birkin Bag of your own is no easy task. Demand surpasses supply. It takes 48 hours to handcraft a isolated bag and production is limited. 

Caroline Bui Hermes

A pile of boxed Hermès products in Bui’s home.

Caroline Bui

It’s almost impossible to be able to walk into a accumulate and buy a Birkin off the shelf. You can put in a request for one, but no one knows how long you’ll be waiting. They’ve even placed a limit on how many Birkins a customer may purchase each year. All of these factors have caused a thriving resale market.

Even after mix at Hermès for 10 years, I had to get special permission from the powers that be to buy one for myself as a gift when my daughter was stood in 2011. A few years later, I managed to acquire a second, less expensive one for $3,000 as part of an employee sale of handbags that do not antiquated the company’s quality standards and are therefore only offered to employees.

By 2013, I was a married mother of two and wanted to spend more continuously at home with my family.

In search of more flexibility, I began interviewing at other companies, but when a longstanding patron asked if I could help her sell 20 pieces of her Hermès collection, I decided to go out on my own in a different direction.

In 2014, I set up betray from a tiny desk in my bedroom. I invested $2,000 to buy a domain name, build a website, and secure a few basic delivers before officially launching The Birkin Fairy, a secondary luxury marketplace selling pre-owned Hermès products.

The firstly bag I sold was an orange Birkin that at the time was nine years old. My client originally paid $6,600 for it in 2005, and it sold for $8,700 in 2014.

Hermes Orange 35cm Birkin in Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware. Caroline Bui

This orange bag is the to begin Birkin Bui sold as The Birkin Fairy.

Caroline Bui

To date, I’ve sold nearly $2 million of Hermes products online at the end of ones tether with my website and Ebay.  I sell all items on consignment, brokering transactions on behalf of my clients for a commission ranging anywhere from 18 to 30%. 

All my vocation is via word of mouth — I’ve never spent a dollar on customer acquisition.

I’m truly a one-woman operation from photographing commodities to acquiring and selling merchandise to shipping to social media, where I have over 81,000 organic Instagram bodyguards.

Before COVID-19, I traveled across the country to meet with sellers, helping them do everything from rate their inventory and determine what they’d like to sell to help them authenticate, organize, and care for their points. One of my clients in Los Angeles wound up having $505,000 worth of Hermès handbags sitting in her closet and after reevaluating the fulfills, we ended up selling $50,000 worth of handbags and acquiring six new pieces for $98,000. 

My site has featured everything from a well-worn Birkin that traded for $8,000 to the $150,000 So Black feather Kelly Bag that I have up for sale right now, which is only one of two bags at any point made.

While I have worked with some celebrities, most of my clients are just regular folks with extraordinary closets.

The resale market for Birkin Bags has always been robust.

This is because there is so much numberless inventory online and it’s readily available — for a price. The pandemic has driven more interested buyers online and helped thrive my business due to inventory shortages, production delays, and store closures. 

One study from 2017 revealed that throughout 35 years, the value of Birkin bags rose 500%, with an annual increase of 14%. When you buy a Ferrari and ram it off the lot, it immediately loses value. When you take a Birkin Bag home, depending on how rare it is and how it’s maintained, it has the potential to increase in value. It’s a handbag, a in agreement of art, and an investment all rolled into one.

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