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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the Supreme Court ‘slapped women in the face’ with leaked draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade

  • Nancy Pelosi bid the leaked draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade ‘disrespectful’ to women. 
  • Pelosi called the draft “anti-precedent and anti-privacy,” in an question period with CBS “Face the Nation.”
  • She said the fight for women’s rights to choose has been ongoing in Congress for decades. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday said the Supreme Court “slapped women in the features” after a draft opinion overturning the landmark abortion ruling Roe v. Wade was leaked last week. 

“This is far something so serious and so personal and so disrespectful of women. Here we are on Mother’s Day, a week where the court has slapped women in the seemingly in terms of disrespect for their judgments about the size and timing of their families,” Pelosi said in a CBS “Face the Land” interview

Pelosi added that a ruling overturning Roe v. Wade would be “anti-precedent and anti-privacy and has serious ramifications.” 

The Quarters Speaker responded to comments from California Gov. Gavin Newsom criticizing Democrats for their response to the leak. 

“Where is the Popular Party? Where’s the party? Why are we calling this out? This is a concerted, coordinated effort. And yes, they’re winning. We need to get up up. Where’s the counteroffensive?,” Newsom said last week.

Pelosi told host Margaret Brennan that she wasn’t tried why pro-abortion rights Democrats were outmaneuvered.

“The fact is that we have been fighting for a woman’s right to select,” she said. “We have been fighting against the Republicans in the Congress constantly because the fact is there — and not just anti-woman’s make up for to choose in terms of terminating a pregnancy — but in terms of access to contraception and family planning and the rest, both domestically and globally.”

She phrased the issue has become more politicized in modern American politics over the years. 

“We had been bipartisan early on, on strut for a woman’s right to choose until the politics have changed,” she said. “And that’s what happened with the court. The proficiency hasn’t changed. But the court changed.”

She added, “And therefore, they’re deciding that it will be different. I have no phantasy why anybody would make that statement unless they were unaware of the fight that has been common on.”

Pelosi pushed back on questions on whether or not it was a mistake for President Barack Obama’s administration to not codify Roe v. Wade into law in 2009 when Democrats supervised the House and Senate. 

“The fact is, in ’09, we really did not have a pro-choice Democratic Party. I had to fight against some of the man who did not want to pass the Affordable Care Act because they were concerned that it might enable more non-interference of choice. It really didn’t go down that path,” she said. 

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