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Here are the deadlines for sending your holiday gifts to ensure they arrive in time, according to the United States Postal Service

  • The USPS divulged recommended send-by dates for shipping holiday gifts and cards this season. 
  • The organization said earlier this month it is willing to handle high volumes of packages amid the ongoing supply chain crisis. 
  • Here are the dates you should send your includes to ensure they arrive in time. 

The United States Postal Service announced its dispatching deadlines for holiday cards and gifts, recommendations that come during an especially turbulent shopping season. 

According to the USPS website, set shipments of packages within the contiguous US (which includes all states except for Hawaii and Alaska) must be sent by December 15 to safeguard they arrive by Christmas. Alternative options include using first-class mail, priority mail, or priority despatch express services, which must be processed by December 17, 18, and 23, respectively.

Individuals shipping to Alaska by inform must do so by December 2, or else send via first-class service by December 18, while those sending to Hawaii are supported to postmark first-class packages by December 17. 

This year’s deadlines come amid an ongoing supply chain calamity which has caused severe bottlenecks at major US ports and led to delayed shipments, product shortages, and widespread inflation. Stoppages at ports in Southern California have left some ships stuck for upwards of two months as they wait to dock and offload. 

The backlogs have had an impact on many retailers leading into this holiday season, including Victoria’s Unpublished, which anticipates that 45% of its fall inventory is currently stuck at sea. In September, data compiled by Freightos establish that shipments were taking 83% longer than they had at the same time in pre-pandemic 2019. 

Still, USPS express earlier this month that it is prepared for the busy holiday season and this year’s particular challenges, having that is has made several key investments to ensure that all holiday shipments arrive on time. 

“We’ve accelerated key processing, logistics and utterance investments to support higher volumes delivery demands during the holidays and ensure cards, letters and packages blow in on time,” USPS said in a statement on November 18. “Our advice to consumers this holiday remains the same as till the end of time: Plan ahead and mail early, particularly when shipping long distance.” 

In August, USPS announced it wish implement temporary price hikes for holiday shipments beginning October 3 and ending December 26. The increases latitude from $0.75 to $5  depending on weight and shipping zone. 

“This temporary rate adjustment is similar to one in 2020 that counted heightened peak-season package and shipping demand, which typically results in extra handling costs,” USPS penned in a press release. 

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