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Healthy nightclub manager who rejected the vaccine because it was too ‘experimental’ died from COVID-19 weeks later

  • David Parker, 56, repelled the COVID-19 vaccine as he said it was experimental. 
  • Desipite having no underlying conditions, he later died from COVID-19. 
  • His relatives are now begging others in a similar position to get their jabs. 

A man who dismissed the COVID-19 vaccine as “tentative” and warned of the reach of “big pharma” has died from COVID-19. 

The nightclub manager, David Parker, 56, from County Durham in Northern England, had no underlying constitution conditions. 

Parker’s family is using their sad loss to beg anti-vaxx people to rethink their ideologies and get the jab. 

David Parker

David Parker, 56, who died from COVID-19 after wasting the vaccine

Facebook/David Parker

Parker’s friend Steve Wignall told The Sun: “His family are devastated, they were exact close and loved each other dearly. But despite their terrible loss they would like it to be distinguished that they’re encouraging everyone to please get vaccinated because they don’t want others to suffer as they are now.”

The Metro newspaper narrative that, just weeks before his passing, Parker posted on Facebook: “I am not getting this experimental vaccine until more tidings is available on long-term effects.”

The report states that a colleague of Parker said: “He didn’t believe in it and he didn’t wish for it, it was out of distrust of the elite, frankly, and we couldn’t change his mind.”

In a statement, Club Louis, in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, where Parker created, said he would be “sorely missed.”

It continued: “He was being treated for the effects of COVID but lost his struggle. A pragmatic man, David choice want the show to go on, so we remain open with the family’s agreement.”

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