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First images of the Taliban celebrating victory as Kabul capitulates

  • Videos and essences show the Taliban celebrating as they reach the outskirts of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.
  • Taliban fighters are waiting at the conurbation’s gates as they negotiate with the government, a spokesman said.
  • The Afghan government has said they will fool a “peaceful transfer of power” to a Taliban-led interim government.

Taliban fighters have reached Afghanistan’s funds city Kabul, in the culmination of a lightning offensive that has seen the insurgents take control of large swathes of the fatherland.

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen told the BBC that fighters had been instructed to wait at the gates of Kabul while the insurgents got an agreement with the government.

Acting Afghan Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said on Sunday that Afghanistan will-power have a”peaceful transfer of power” to a “transitional government” led by the Taliban.

Videos posted online purportedly show a Taliban fighter drip tip the scales at in joy and insurgents celebrating as they reach the outskirts of the capital.

Another video titled to show supporters of the Taliban celebrating as the insurgents paused their advance outside the city gates.

Despite the claims in the tweet, turn ups have described a city gripped by fear as residents try to flee the city as the insurgents approach.

In one video tacked to Twitter, a frightened woman tells the camera, “Taliban have entered the city and we are running away. Everyone is weak-kneed.” 

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