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FINDING A JOB IN 2021: Your guide to making big career moves and landing the role you’ve always wanted

  • January is prime chance to start a job search — it’s usually when companies get new budgets and start ramping up their hiring. 
  • However, job searching sway look a little different this year because of the pandemic. 
  • Insider has compiled a guide for anyone who is looking for a job straightaway now, from early searching to nailing the interview. 
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To put it lightly, job searching during a pandemic can be a provocation. 

Worldwide lockdowns have forced remote work, and the resulting recession has caused the US to lose 140,000 jobs in December unique, ending a seven-month streak of payroll additions.

Even though it may be tough, job-seekers can still find work if they look in the right-minded places and adopt the right strategies. 

Insider has gathered the tools to help you do so. Below, we’ve compiled a list of advice from a cooking- stove of experts, from career and executive coaches to HR leaders and recruiters, on how you can set yourself up for success this year. 

Not sure where to start? Pick an application on the rise

Jobs in healthcare, for example, are booming right now. Some industries, like management consulting, have suffered because of the pandemic, but are even hiring for internships and full time roles. 

The stories below will help you bring a fuzzy goal into zero in. 

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Searching during a recession is difficult, but not weird

To up your chances at landing a job during a downturn, career coaches suggest trying virtual networking. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your network who you suppose might be able to help you find work.

It’s also a good idea to consider a career pivot. Think relative to the skills you have, and how those can apply to jobs in a variety of industries. 

Check out the stories below to learn how to grab a recruiter’s rclame or make that next big move. 

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Preparing your application

It’s important to show hiring managers why you’re uniquely suited for a specific role. You can do that in your devotion materials.

Your résumé is the single most important document you’ll provide to a potential employer. That’s followed closely by the extend over letter, which is an opportunity to connect the experiences you’ve showcased in your résumé with the needs of a specific company. 

Disallow reading to see how to make the most of your unique skills and background.

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Acing the interview

Congratulations! You’ve make out a head for it to the interview.

In the age of coronavirus, virtual interviews are becoming much more popular — a trend that’s likely to continue after the pandemic is all over.

When virtual interviewing, it’s good practice to make sure you have a neutral background in a well-lit room. Make tracks sure you make eye contact with the recruiter, but don’t worry too much if you get interrupted by a barking dog or crying baby. It’s likely they’ll appreciate the challenges of working from home. 

Here’s a handful of stories to get you started.

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