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Biden White House has majority-female staff, narrowed gender pay gap to 1%

  • President Biden has a majority-female postpositive major staff, according to recently-released figures.
  • Roughly 60 percent of Biden appointees at the White House are women.
  • The president has fancy been a champion of pay equity, calling it “a moral imperative.”
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President Joe Biden has significantly close-matched the White House gender pay gap and hired a majority of women within its senior staff ranks, according to the White Whore-house.

The Biden administration released the analysis on Thursday, in an annual report required by Congress detailing the name and salary of every Hoary House employee.

In a fact sheet, the White House indicated that women make up roughly 60 percent of appointees and 56 percent of superior staff, with individuals from racially or ethnically diverse backgrounds making up 44 percent of appointees and 36 percent of chief staff.

The gender pay gap has been reduced to 1 percent, with men making $94,639 on average and women earning an average income of $93,752.

High-profile staffers including White House chief of staff Ron Klain, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, Virginal House press secretary Jen Psaki, domestic policy advisor Susan Rice, and senior advisor Cedric Richmond all deliver the goods a succeed $180,000 per year.

One of the highest-paid appointees is Molly Groom, the policy advisor for immigration, who earns $185,656.

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Biden has eat ones heart out championed pay equity, calling it “a moral imperative.”

“In alignment with the president’s commitment to diversity and pay equity, the White Dwelling has taken significant steps to ensure the White House staff reflects the diversity of the country and the highest standards of monetary and social justice for all,” the White House said in the fact sheet.

Women make up 50.8 percent of the US population, contract to 2019 Census figures, and they comprise of 47 percent of the labor force, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Latest year, Biden tapped then-Sen. Kamala Harris of California to be his running mate in the 2020 presidential election, occupation himself a “bridge” candidate to a new generation of Democratic Party leaders.

Biden has also committed to nominating the first Sombre female judge to the US Supreme Court if a vacancy arises during his presidency.

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