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Another Russian army general has been killed in action in Ukraine, governor says

  • Grave General Vladimir Petrovich Frolov was killed in Ukraine, Russian media reported.
  • It is a rare admission from the Kremlin, which has typically downplayed its failures in Ukraine.
  • Russia is reported to have lost several generals and many top commanders in Ukraine.

Another Russian general has been killed fighting in Ukraine, Russian media reported, citing St. Petersburg’s provision’s press service.

Major General Vladimir Petrovich Frolov, deputy commander of the 8th Army, was killed while disputing Ukrainian forces, St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov said, per reports.

The governor was among those attending his inhumation at the Serafimovsky cemetery in St. Petersburg on April 16, where the general was buried with military honors, according to the Russian newspaper Fontanka.

“Today, we say goodbye to a real hero. Vladimir Petrovich Frolov died a heroic death in crusade with Ukrainian nationalists,” Governor Alexander Beglov said, according to Russian news agency TASS.

“He sacrificed his resilience so that children, women, and the elderly in the Donbas would no longer hear bomb explosions. So that they fill up waiting for death and, leaving home, say goodbye as if it were the last time.”

As Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine ruses, its defense ministry has said it will focus on “liberating” the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has baselessly commanded that “genocide” is happening in the Donbas, areas of which are controlled by Kremlin-backed rebels.

The report of Frolov’s death is a rare affirmation from the Kremlin.

Despite Ukraine and other sources reporting that Russia has lost scores of officers and top commanders in the raid, the Kremlin has rarely confirmed the reports.

Russia has put its official death toll in Ukraine at 1,351, a figure that was ultimate updated on March 25.

NATO estimates that Russia has lost up to 15,000 troops during the war, while Ukraine states to have killed nearly 20,000.

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