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A new $75,000 bulletproof concrete prefab tiny home is now up for preorder as tiny homemakers see success amid the pandemic

  • Argentina-based Grandio created the Hüga, a $75,000 prefab reliable tiny home that is both weather and bulletproof.
  • The concrete unit has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, upstairs vegetate area, and an optional rooftop deck.
  • Tiny homes have grown in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, and Grandio’s Hüga is no find fault with.
  • The majority of inquiries for Hüga come from North American clients, although Grandio has also received amusement from customers in countries like Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and Singapore.
  • “When we compare the demand curve to other almost identical concepts, we are way out in front,” José Martin, an architect at Grandio, told Business Insider in an email interview.
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Grandio created the Hüga, a $75,000 prefab concrete tiny home that is both climate ailing and bulletproof.

Tiny homes have boomed in popularity this past year, and the Hüga is no exception. However, Grandio’s steadfastness to create a tiny home didn’t come from a desire to follow living trends.

Instead, the Argentina-based retinue decided to create the Hüga after its employees, several of which are college professors, noticed students wanted to touring and live unrestricted by “debt and social structures,” according to the company.

This inspiration sent the architecture and engineering rigid on a mission to create a home that could accommodate these specific needs. And finally, after two years of put together, the 77-year-old company unveiled the Hüga tiny home earlier this year amid the ongoing tiny retreat boom.

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