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A man urinated on the counter of a Dairy Queen restaurant in Canada after being asked to wear a mask, reports say

  • A man reportedly urinated floor a Dairy Queen front counter during a dispute in Canada. 
  • The customer was denied service by staff due to being maskless, CTV Word reported. 
  • Staff can be heard screeching in horror in a video that is being circulated on Facebook.

A man in Canada was asked to wear a face mask by staff at a Dairy Queen when he got agitated and urinated on the restaurant’s disc, according to reports.

CTV News first reported the story. The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday night at a branch on Vancouver Cay, British Columbia. A video of the incident was posted to Facebook. 

In the video, the man can be heard arguing with staff over the restaurant’s concealment policy. “You do not have a brain” the man, who has not yet been identified, shouted at workers behind the counter.

A worker asked him to follow the bars, telling him he couldn’t be served unless he wore a mask.

“What are the rules?” the man responded, before saying: “BC policy pronounces you have to observe exemptions.”

The staff member replied: “Sorry, I don’t want to argue with you, we have customers standard behind you, we want to serve them.”

Following this conversation, the man swore and appeared to unzip his trousers and relieve himself. Rod can be heard screeching in horror as they witness the scene. 

“This is the first incident of this nature,” Royal Canadian Mounted Protect Sgt Chris Manseau told CTV. He added: “I think people should just wear their masks and be safe and be well-mannered.”

As yet, no arrest has been made but police are asking anyone with video of the incident to share it with investigators. 

Insider has reached out to Dairy Model for comment. 

Enforcing mask-related policies has led to many headaches for restaurant and other retail staff around the world, recently.

Desi Caswell, a prior server and host at Capitol Hill Italian restaurant Spinasse, told the Seattle Times that working in a pandemic graced too stressful. “I had adult males yell at me because they didn’t want to wear a mask or because our policies were too rough,” she said. 

In another case, an Indiana woman was refused entry by staff at Krispy Kreme and Sephora for not wearing a obscure.

She told Insider’s Kevin Shalvey she decided to sue the retailers because she suffered from asthma and felt discriminated against. 

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