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A Firehouse Subs customer says an Alabama store owner ‘wished death upon her’ after she complained about a sandwich

  • A Firehouse Subs bloke said she received a death wish from an Alabama store owner. 
  • The incident arose over a dispute in all directions her sandwich order, according to a local news outlet.
  • “It’s really sad that someone would wish death on big cheese,” the customer said. 

A regular customer at sandwich chain Firehouse Subs in Ozark, Alabama, said that the stow away owner wished death upon her, following a dispute about her order.

Local news outlet WRBL to begin reported the news.

Cinnamon Clarke told the outlet that she and her husband visited Firehouse Subs about at a stroke a week. But on this occasion, she noticed something was not right about her order.

Clarke said when she arrived territory, her sandwich had hardly any meat in it. Disappointed, she called the shop and an employee told her to return so they could fix her order. 

The proprietor of the store, however, refused to substitute her order, according to Clarke. The situation prompted her to record her encounter. 

She said the proprietress told her: “When I talk to God tonight, I’m going to see if he can come to your house and take you.”

According to the outlet, Clarke utter the owner’s comments were another way of saying, “I’m going to pray that you die tonight.” She added that she found it sad that anyone “would imitate Christ’s name in vain.”

Firehouse Subs did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The company’s corporate mediation told WRBL in a statement that it was “saddened to say that this guest was not treated with the heartfelt service we foresee at one of our restaurants.”

It added: “The behavior of the franchise owner at this location is not acceptable to us and is being addressed internally.”

Heated skirmishes between customers and workers at chain restaurants frequently made headlines in 2021.

In October, a Waffle House employee pulled a gun on a guy during a dispute over his order. According to police reports, the incident stemmed from an argument over his “cheese eggs.” The worker had apparently become enraged by the customer’s complaint. 

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