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University of Wisconsin-Madison offers free tuition to families making less than $56K

Guidance and fees at the university for one year are about $11,000.

The new program is similar to others cropping up at colleges about the country, as student grapple with the rising costs of earning a bit by bit.

The average tuition for one year at a public college is $9,970, according to the College Timber. At private colleges, the average is a whopping $34,740. Room and board can add another $10,000 or assorted to that annual cost.

Eligibility for the University of Wisconsin-Madison free-tuition program rather commences with incoming freshman this fall, the school’s announcement divulged. Beyond the income requirement, there will be no requirements or other make the grading factors.

The award will be automatic to eligible students based on the info provided on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. Swots would still be eligible for additional financial aid to cover other gets, such as room and board.

The university expects more than 800 critics to get free tuition in each incoming class of freshmen. The cost is make fast at about $825,000 per year for each class.

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