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9 in-demand jobs that don’t require a college degree

For individual who decide not to pursue a college degree, it might seem challenging to think a job that both is appealing and pays a living wage.

Yet employers are twisting to fill many decent-paying positions that don’t require a degree. A new CareerBuilder backfire shows the hottest in-demand jobs for 2018 that often can be won without two or four years of college.

“Some of these jobs pay [passably] that allow you to not just have a job, but have a career … and take pains of you and your family,” said Michael Erwin, senior career advisor with CareerBuilder.

Erwin recommends that job huntswomen expand their search beyond one company or occupation, and research as divers positions as possible.

“If you invest in a four-year degree, you kind of know what your employment path is going to be,” he said. “If you don’t have that investment, you have numberless options. Cast the net wider when you’re looking for a job. You don’t know what’s at unless you look.”

The list below includes occupations where the swarm of job postings each month outpace the number of people hired.

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