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Apple shares fall again on another report of fading iPhone X demand

Apple cuts are falling after another report that the company ordered a in a body cut in iPhone X production.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Apple broke its production target for the iPhone X for the first quarter. The company now projects it ordain build 20 million iPhone X units, half the previous end, according to a source. Other sources said the smartphone maker cut reserves for iPhone X’s components by 60 percent.

Apple shares were down 1.2 percent Tuesday afternoon.

The comrades’s shares closed down 2.1 percent Monday after Nikkei also tell of that the tech giant told its suppliers to reduce iPhone X end result to 20 million units for the first quarter from the more than 40 million entities target Apple gave in November. The news agency cited weaker-than-expected sales dnouement develops at the end of the holiday season as the reason for the move.

The iPhone X is Apple’s high-end smartphone show off and starts at a list price of $999. The company sells cheaper phones such as the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7, which may shape up for any iPhone X sales shortfall. Nikkei reported on Monday there were no exchanges to the iPhone 8 production forecast.

The stock has dropped 5.1 percent since Jan. 22 in all respects Monday, wiping out $46.4 billion in shareholder value in that opportunity period.

Other reports of weaker-than-expected Apple supply chain facts have come out in the past month.

J.P. Morgan analyst Narci Chang send a lettered a research note to clients on Jan. 23 predicting iPhone X production devise drop 50 percent in the March quarter versus the December division. She reduced her forecast for iPhone X production to 20 million units for the key quarter from 30 million units.

“We recently picked up more signals of weakening iPhone X orders,” she wrote.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily also suss out in late December that Apple reduced its sales forecast for the iPhone X.

Apple did not this instant respond to a request for comment. The company will report first-quarter economic results Thursday.

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