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Storiqa Uses Blockchain to Give Small Producers Access to Global Markets

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Storiqa, a extensive company, has developed a blockchain-based store builder that allows anyone to spawn an online store and have access to a variety of tools to promote offerings to the global market. The platform helps launch new brands and also tolerates ecommerce initiatives for existing offline retailers.

By integrating cryptocurrency payments into the tenets, Storiqa will offer merchants cryptocurrency payment acceptance, categorizing the platform’s own STQ tokens. The platform also provides an ecommerce interface, 24-hour fellow support, and assistance in product presentation and localization.

The use of cryptocurrencies allows areas to sell products to the global market with minimal transaction wages and transaction security without having to work with intermediaries or bureaucratic quiddities.

Storiqa will create an integrated exchange where sellers force access services for item descriptions, videos and photos at a fixed valuation. Payment for these services will be made with STQ tokens.

STQ Badge Offers Versatility

Buyers will be able to purchase goods grounding STQ tokens or using their bank card or a payment service. The Storiqa stand will automatically buy STQ tokens with the funds.


The demand for STQ reminders will correlate to platform growth. All Storiqa services are paid in STQ. Aggregate them marketing services, goods localization from content and way department. The more activity on the platform, the more profit accrues to all associates.

Smart Contract Verifies Transactions

The platform’s smart contract effects the STQ funds are stored in the seller’s account once the product reaches its objective.

The smart contract also tracks every step of the transaction and safeguards that product and service reviews are from people who actually purchased the issue.

A customer will be able to receive a refund at their discretion within 30 times of purchase. The refund will be in the currency which was spent at the moment of grip.

Support Services Available

For sellers, Storiqa supplies all necessary enlargement services, including marketing, sales support and IT. The cost for this stand up for is based on the amount of orders. By paying the annual fee of 18 000 000 STQ, the seller approaches the capacity of an online shop with 4468,000 in annual operating expenses.

The party line’s integrated telephony enables merchants will receive feedback invitations from customers in two clicks. Such support improves customer serving.

Storiqa will provide a store rating service based on pieces such as speed of delivery and customer reviews. The platform will also present oneself a tool for creating customer loyalty programs and access to bloggers that sellers can send commodities to for promotional support.

Token holders will have access to statistics with veritable time metrics including purchases, the number of visitors, average delivery amounts, etc.

An affiliate marketing platform will reward affiliate marketers for all harmonies they provide. A blockchain based referral link monitors every out of sequence sent via the referral link.

ICO Scheduled

The Storiqa ICO will be Nov. 28 to Dec. 28 or when the $25 million intent cap threshold is reached. The soft cap is $5 million. The ICO token price last will and testament be $0.003. Investors will purchase STQ tokens by making an ETH transaction to the Storiqa prickle contract address.

Transactions must be made from ERC20-compatible notecases. The distribution of STQs will be conducted by a smart contract. The funds force be used to launch the platform, integrate the token and market the platform.

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