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No NFL Team Should Trade for Washed-Up Panthers QB Cam Newton

  • Rumors own been circulating all year about Cam Newton’s future with the Carolina Panthers.
  • Newton has expressed a desire to corpse with the team, but it sounds like the team is going to trade him.
  • But with his injury history, age, and likely contract inquires, they may have a hard time getting much for him.

Rumors have been flying around about Cam Newton’s approaching with the Carolina Panthers. Will the Panthers want a healthy Newton back, or is it time to cut him loose?

With a new gourd coach and a new offensive coordinator coming to town, the writing is on the wall. It’s time for Cam Newton to move on.

Maybe if Newton was assuage in his prime and healthy, Matt Rhule keeps him. But as is? Not a chance.

Factor in his likely desire for a new extension with guaranteed rhino, and the future becomes crystal clear. Newton’s donned a Panthers jersey for the last time.

Cam Newton’s Murky Occupation Value

It makes sense for the Panthers to attempt a trade. Newton is under contract for another year, and at $19 million, he’s a pirate if he shows up healthy.

When Newton was healthy, he guided the team to three division titles, four playoff berths in eight mellows, and a trip to the Super Bowl.

Trading for Cam Newton would be a big gamble for any NFL franchise. | Source: Streeter Lecka / Getty Replicas / AFP

On the other hand, his most significant accomplishments all came on the individual level. Playing in the Super Bowl is a big deal, but since they gone by the board – and he had a terrible game – it’s less impressive than his MVP award. And those division titles? One came with a losing souvenir.

So, in Newton, potential trade partners will have a talented, physically-gifted-but-injury-prone quarterback whose style of play is not conducive to long-term sustainability. Nor has it fruited much success for the team.

Who Might Be Dumb Enough to Make Carolina an Offer

There are plenty of reasons for NFL sides not to trade for Cam Newton, but it only takes one delusional executive to create a market – and two to spark a bidding war.

That makes the liable to suspects the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Chargers.

Chicago Bears

Two years ago, the Bears looked like a potential contender with their suppressing defense and an efficient offense led by Mitchell Trubisky. But rather than continue to develop in his third season, Trubisky part ofed to regress—a lot.

The Bears spent a ton of draft capital on Trubisky, which makes it unlikely they give up on him. But the Bears don’t hunger for to waste a championship-caliber defense if they can help it.

Los Angeles Chargers

Like the Bears, the Chargers looked like contenders two years ago with an offense and defense based inside the top ten (in scoring).

This season was a different story, and it was mostly Philip Rivers’ fault.

Should the Chargers take to move on, they might roll the dice on Newton.

Why No NFL Team Should Trade for Cam Newton

But that gamble won’t pay off. Aspect it: Newton is done.

His value was in the run game; those injury-rattled legs don’t have many quality rushes left in them. As a passer? He’s on no account been very good; his career completion percentage is just 59.6%.

What success he had was dependent on defenses fearing the run. Without the competition threat to draw defenders in and loosen coverages up, Newton is a sub-par quarterback that should never get another NFL start.

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Last modified: January 19, 2020 8:07 PM UTC

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