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Billion-dollar Crypto Club Swells to 16 Big Hitters as Bitcoin Price Tests $10,000

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The universal average bitcoin price briefly broached the $10,000 mark on Tuesday, chiefly due to significant premiums on high-volume South Korean exchanges. Meanwhile, the gang of cryptocurrencies in the billion-dollar club swelled to a new all-time high — and more are balanced to achieve that status soon.

Altogether, it was another record-setting day for the energy, and the total cryptocurrency market cap rose to $310 billion, a new high-water attain distinction that represents a nearly $300 billion increase since the genesis of the year.

bitcoin price

Global Bitcoin Price Pierces $10,000

The broad average bitcoin price briefly entered five-figure territory this morning, and CoinMarketCap sign ins that it rose as high as $10,106 before pulling back deeper this threshold. None of Bitcoin’s USD trading pairs have reached $10,000, although BTC/USD reached a new serious of $9,941 on Bitfinex. However, demand has ratcheted up on Korean exchanges, and this cry out for has driven the bitcoin price as high as  $11,000 on Bithumb, enabling the pandemic bitcoin price to temporarily edge past $10,000. At present, bitcoin is priced at a universal average of $9,985, which translates into a $166.8 billion market cap.

bitcoin price

Ethereum Price Posts Minor Failing

Ethereum has been challenging a psychologically-significant milestone of its own — the $500 threshold, to be scrupulous. Thus far, it has not been able to punch through this barrier, undeterred by rising as high as $493 Monday morning. On Tuesday, ethereum posted a two percent fall, bringing the second-largest cryptocurrency to a present value of $472 and market cap of $45.3 billion.

ethereum price

Billion-Dollar Club Swells to 16

The altcoin calls made a net decline of a few hundred million dollars on Tuesday, but a significant loads of mid-cap coins posted notable advances, as evidenced by the growing tons of cryptocurrencies that have market caps that exceed $1 billion.


bitcoin price

It was a disappointing day for bitcoin forks, and both bitcoin readies and bitcoin gold declined by at least three percent. Ripple, meantime, rose by almost seven percent, carrying its market cap back across the $10 billion brand. The litecoin price rose by approximately one percent and is currently trading at $92, but the trace price fell by a similar margin to a present value of $621.

ethereum classic price

Despite this mediocre presentation toward the top of the charts, several mid-cap cryptocurrencies posted remarkable farther away froms. Ethereum classic led the way with a 43 percent surge, raising the ETC valuation to a new all-time high of $34. IOTA and monero each made a double-digit development, raising their prices to $1.04 and $185, respectively.

The advance extended outside of the top 10, with 13th-ranked cardano and 16th-ranked stellar climbing by 25 percent and 20 percent, mutatis mutandis, while the majority of other coins and tokens in this tier tasked moderate gains, too.

bitcoin price

Following today’s movement, starring crossed the $1 billion market cap threshold, raising the total covey of “crypto unicorns” to 16 — a new all-time high. OmiseGO, zcash, and lisk all currently keep market caps of at least $925 million, meaning that the billion-dollar nightclub appears poised to grow to 19 within the near future.

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