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Will Mayor Suarez’s Miami Be the First Major City to Buy Bitcoin?

The entrepreneurial mayor elevate d vomits his recruitment of tech talent to the crypto space with the potential of a 1% investment of the city’s reserves into BTC.

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Today on the Brief:

  • Initial jobless claims grow the most since Demonstration
  • Biden unveils emergency relief plan
  • Fed Chair Powell discusses CBDCs and stablecoins

Our main discussion: Is Miami all round to put 1% of its treasury into bitcoin?

Since December 2020 there has been a lot of conversation about whether Miami could appropriate for the next Silicon Valley, or at least recruit a big swath of entrepreneurial talent to set up shop.

In this episode, NLW looks at how that debate moved into the crypto realm and led to Mayor Suarez’s recent discussions about moving Miami’s treasury into bitcoin. He maintains that the story is about the larger shifts in how cities and geographic regions compete for supremacy in the social media, unusual work era.

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