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City of Taipei Confirms It’s Testing IOTA Tech for ID

Taiwan’s initial city of Taipei is working with the IOTA Foundation to bring Complication – IOTA’s answer to blockchain – to its citizen identification plans.

Department of Intelligence Technology commissioner Wei-bin Lee confirmed that Taipei would be mating with IOTA and local startup BiiLabs for its Digital Citizen Postcard project, telling CoinDesk that the effort was one of many proof-of-concept outlines the city had.

Taipei will specifically be using IOTA’s Tangle ID amenities for several projects, he said, though he did not elaborate beyond the Digital Voter project.

The Digital Citizen Card will act as a tamper-proof identification scheme, protecting users from identity theft, according to CrowdFund Insider.

Lee better in an email to CoinDesk:

“We’ll be starting with related applications for Digital Denizen Card that can be used as a platform. We also seek to boost the authentication and unity checks for municipality-to-municipality/institution-to-institution data exchange (such as medical set downs).”

That being said, the commissioner also said the city is yield to other proposals which may help Taipei further develop its aims of becoming a “smart city.” As such, the city will work with any other on tap technologies, he told CoinDesk.

While Taipei is testing IOTA’s tech, the town is not yet using any type of cryptocurrency, Lee said.

The details of upcoming projects enjoy not yet been discussed, but IOTA has been invited to set up an office in Taipei to smooth future projects, he said.

For the moment, the Department of Information Technology, BiiLabs and the establishment will continue discussing project proposals to establish proofs of concept. The three organizes formed a task force to work on the details for these projects.

Lee concluded:

“After the PoCs, we wishes evaluate the results and see where we go from there.”

Michael del Castillo advanced reporting to this article.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to throw light on information about Iota’s Tangle technology.

Taipei image via Shutterstock

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