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Xend Is Listing on AscendEX

PRESS RELEASE. AscendEX, formerly BitMax, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Enclosure Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of the Xend Token (XEND) under the pair USDT/XEND on Apr 2 at 1:00 p.m. UTC.

Xend Commerce is a DeFi platform for cooperatives and credit unions that offers multiple levels of interest by optimizing and aggregating distinctive DeFi lending protocols to provide high, stable currency yields and token rewards to the financially underserved. The Xend Money management protocol is designed to decentralize the savings, lending, borrowing and investment operations of credit unions and collectives while stipulating multi-level interest returns to members of these unions.

Xend Finance is a unique project targeting non-crypto savvy and financially underserved purchasers in different regions of the world. Xend Finance is part of the Xend ecosystem, which has over 55,000 users currently. The ecosystem consists of the Xend practice for sending and receiving money online or offline, and Geena, a business and analytics tool used by SMEs. The Xend remembrancer is used for rewards and governance. Their Mainnet is scheduled to launch on Binance Smart Chain in Q2 of 2021.

Xend Finance is also structure an SDK that reduces the complexity of blockchain for developers and enables web 2.0 and web 3.0 applications to easily plug into DeFi notes and bring their existing users into the ecosystem. Xend intends to be a platform for other financial services providers to enlarge on. This will enable them to acquire users from existing platforms that want to give their narcotic addicts access to the value DeFi offers, like higher APYs and access to earn in stable currencies. With Xend Subsidize, anyone, whether individuals, cooperatives, or credit unions, anywhere in the world can save, lend, and invest in different DeFi minutes and start earning interest instantly.

About AscendEX

Originally founded in 2018 as BitMax.io, AscendEx is a leading crypto and digital asset monetary platform catering to both professional and retail traders. Our venue offers spot, futures, margin trading and poling products and incorporates key elements from the DeFi space to foster a unique market structure for users. AscendEx is led by a yoke of Wall Street veterans who have applied traditional markets’ rigor to create a robust, secure, and reliable knowledge for all participants; and a consistent source of liquidity for primary offerings.

For more information and updates, please visit:

Website: https://ascendex.com

Ado: https://twitter.com/AscendEX_Global

Telegram: https://t.me/AscendEXEnglish

Medium: https://medium.com/ascendex

About Xend Subsidize

Xend Finance is a DeFi platform for cooperatives and credit unions that provides multiple levels of interest by optimizing and aggregating exceptional DeFi lending protocols with the aim of providing high, yet stable currency yields and token rewards to the financially underserved spirited in unstable economies. The team is made of mathematicians, cryptographers, software engineers, global marketing experts with outstanding 30 years combined experience across these disciplines. The team is mostly based in Africa where they make experienced the problems they are trying to solve firsthand.

For more information and updates, please visit:

Website: https://xend.business/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xendfinance

Telegram: https://t.me/xendFinance

Medium: https://medium.com/xendfinance

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